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11 August 2007 @ 07:23 pm
Supernatural Fic: Goddess Priestess Acolyte Seer  
Written for spn_xx - Prompt 9. Kickass pagan goddesses or servants thereof.
Crossposted to supernaturalfic

Title: Goddess Priestess Acolyte Seer
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam, OFCs
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: A priestess and her temple members partner with Sam and Dean on a hunt
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

"They're coming."

"I know."

Theora stirred just as slowly after she was interrupted as before, counting each circuit her left hand made as her right hand sprinkled, drizzled and poured ingredients into the pot.

Her lips soundlessly recited a short prayer as the final strokes came to an end.

She pulled the wooden stirrer out of the pot and started massaging her aching arm.


She called for the acolyte in her normal tone of voice knowing the woman would be close by, waiting.

"Yes, Priestess?"

"It is ready. Who of the women is on cycle to contribute?"

Chloe blushed. "I should go check."

"It is a great honor for one's blood to be used in such a powerful potion," Theora said calmly. "Do not let shame taught by a non-believing society give you pause. The Goddess knows all sacrifices and rewards those loyal to her."

Chloe bowed her head. "Yes, Priestess."

She turned and scurried from the room as Theora turned to the wall of supplies behind her. A selection of glass vials and bottles was arrayed before her, most of them small or even tiny.

"I am going to need a bigger bottle."


"You sure this is the place?" Dean looked hesitant parking the Impala on the outskirts of Chinatown. "This neighborhood gives me the creeps."

"All of New York City gives you the creeps," Sam teased. "If you're worried about the car, stay with it. I shouldn't be long. I just have to see about this Nin.Ha.Gar stuff."

"Good idea. You go make nice with the pagans and I'll make sure no bums spit on my windshield."

"Whatever." Sam shook his head and got out of the car, checking the address one last time against the printout from his research before shoving the paper in his jacket pocket.

There was no sign and the door was unmarked so Sam hesitated, not sure if he should knock. He gave the door a tentative push and it swung open so he stepped inside, eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dim light within after the brightness of the sun outside.

The space was large and barren of furnishings, but both walls to each side of him were covered completely in floor to ceiling drawers. They were made of dark wood, of varying sizes and when he looked closely he found them to be labeled with symbols not unlike hieroglyphs instead of English words.

A door opened in the blank back wall and a petite woman emerged, her dark hair flowing loose down to her hips, framing a pale face dominated by a huge pair of round eyeglasses.

She wore long robes that seemed to wrap around her like a billowing cloud, giving Sam an impression of bulk despite the tiny wrists and hands that appeared at the ends of her sleeves.

"Welcome to Eanna, Seer."

Her voice was quiet yet not timid, rather formal, with an accent of indeterminate origin.

"Uh, hi," Sam said awkwardly. "I'm Sam. I found out about you from..."

"We know." The woman approached, every step slow and measured. "We have our own seers here." Upon reaching him, she bowed her head in greeting. "I am Theora, High Priestess of the Temple Eanna, loyal servant to the Goddess Inanna." Sam bowed too, unsure what else to do. "Your brother is welcome in our temple as well."

"Thanks, but he's cool waiting outside." He looked around at all the drawers again. "I came here for a kind of potion I guess and it looks like you carry a lot of stuff. Do you have something called Nin.Ha.Gar?"

"Nin.Ha.Gar is the Lady's..." she bowed her head and clasped her hands in devotion, "Angry Fire. It is a potion that requires thirty-six ingredients: five of which are illegal in the state of New York, eight of which are illegal in the United States and two of which can only be found in this temple. It must be stirred constantly - fifty times an hour for four hours without rest and must be used within a day of being prepared or it is powerless."

"I take it that's a no," Sam said, disappointed.

For the first time Theora broke into a smile. "You are a man of little faith, Seer. Did I not mention we knew of your arrival? The potion is ready now as scheduled." She turned and headed towards the door she'd entered through. "Follow me."

Sam stood stunned for a moment before starting after her.

"Okay, then..."


After a brief ride in an old-fashioned freight elevator Theora opened the gates on a large room, much like the first floor in size, but filled with women working in small groups at tables. Most were wearing protective gear, making the space feel like a chemistry lab.

"Stay clear of those tables," Theora warned, gesturing towards the women as she led Sam to a large table nearby. "They are working with toxic substances today."

"You weren't kidding about the illegal, were you?" Sam tried to make his comment sound innocuous as he eyed the women warily. One of them walked by with a large box in her arms and he could hear the clink of glass inside.

"Those women are well trained," Theora explained. "We have two professional chemists with Ph.D.s, three with Master's degrees... Shall I go on?"

"No, I believe you," Sam assured her. "I just didn't expect a pagan temple to be so high tech."

Theora gave him a patient look. "And yet you broke through the self-authorizing security on the web site you found us through."

"Point taken," Sam said, suitably chastened.

"Ancient beliefs can co-exist with the modern world. We are proof of that." She gestured to a tall glass bottle filled with dark liquid in the center of the table. "Here is your potion, the Nin.Ha.Gar. Will you be wielding it in battle or your brother?"

"I guess I will," Sam answered.


A young woman, tall and blonde yet just as slight of frame as Theora appeared holding a tray. On it were scissors, a comb and a sheet of white paper.

"I require some of your hair," Theora said, as if the request was completely ordinary. "The potion is not complete without it. Please sit down so I can reach your head."

Sam sat obediently on a nearby stool. "You're not going to take a whole lock of it are you?" he asked nervously.

"Locks of hair are too thick and tend to gum up potions," Theora replied, her tone matter of fact. "I will take tiny clippings from the ends. The effect will be the same as if you had merely had a trim, only my acolyte Chloe here will hold a paper beneath the scissors to gather the clippings so that they may be added to the potion."

"That doesn't sound too bad," Sam admitted.

Theora picked up the comb and scissors.

"Actually, I am required by law to inform you that I am not a licensed cosmetologist."

Sam laughed. "You use illegal ingredients and work with toxic substances, yet you're following the law when it comes to my hair?"

"Technically since I am unlicensed I am involving you in an illegal action. I felt you deserved to be informed in advance." She gestured with the comb to the women in the room around them. "They are all aware of the laws and dangers involved in what we do."

"Yes, but this is cutting my hair, not toxic chemicals!" Sam shrugged his shoulders. "It's cool. Go ahead and cut it."

"Thank you." She lifted the comb and scissors again, but paused a second time. "I should also inform you that I have never even studied cosmetology. However," she gestured back to the bottle with a smile, "I never studied chemistry either and my potions always work as intended."

"I'll take my chances," Sam said, smiling back. He let out a breath as he settled himself on the stool. "So chop away then..."


"You are certain you will use the potion tonight?"

Theora stood over the bottle with the paper of clippings formed into a funnel, poised over the bottle opening.

"As certain as we can be in our line of work," Sam answered with a shrug. "We've got it pinned down to a specific alley so it's just going to take a little while to figure out which building it's nesting in between kills. That should hopefully take just a couple of hours."

"Very well." She poured the hair clippings in, tapping the paper to make sure they all slid in. She held out her hand to Chloe who gave her a small vial of dark reddish liquid. "Once I add the blood I will seal the bottle. It must not be opened again until you are prepared to use it."

"Understood," Sam said solemnly.

She poured the blood in then quickly put the top on the bottle, tightening it with an extra twist.

"There," she said, offering the bottle to Sam. "Consider this weapon armed and treat it accordingly."

"I will. Thank you." Sam held the bottle with both hands. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

"Only if they are not brief. You do have a beast to hunt."

"Actually, they're about the beast," Sam stammered. "I'm sorry, I should have asked before, but we don't know that much about it. I thought maybe you did."

Theora nodded to Chloe, dismissing her, and turned back to Sam. "We know only what our seers told us - that there is a beast of supernatural origin loose in the city that is responsible for the maulings the news has been reporting. It walks like a man yet has fur like an animal. It is violent, strong and larger than the biggest primate. Force and metal weapons alone will not stop it. It has claimed over a half a dozen young women, and while we are skilled warriors, we cannot defeat what we cannot find."

"You're warriors?" Sam asked, furrowing his brow. "I thought you were more into like fertility rituals and stuff."

"Inanna is known both as the Goddess of sexual love and of warfare," Theora explained. "We devotees share both of her passions."

"Cool," Sam said, impressed.

"Our seers foresaw us helping two hunters - you and your brother - so we began our preparations before your arrival."

"Well, we appreciate the potion," Sam said, patting the bottle.

"The potion is only one aspect," Theora cautioned. "We must also accompany you into battle."

"Um..." Sam fished for words before Theora held up a hand to stop him.

"Our seers' visions were clear on this. Did you yourself not see women and silver in the vision which led you to the beast?"

"I did," Sam admitted. "So..."

"So you will contact us when you find the beast's lair." She produced a business card with a phone number on it and a few archaic symbols. "Call for us and we will come in force - all of us."

"All right then," he said, pocketing the card. "I'm just going to have to find a way to explain this to my brother Dean."

"Tell him we are your army," Theora said proudly. "Every member of our temple is trained in the ways of combat. This is our fight as well," she added. "We mean to protect our city."

"Fair enough." Sam rose and Theora walked with him to the elevator. "About the beast," he said. "What folklore we've found on it says it's huge and hairy and rips apart its victims, but there seems to be no consensus on what it's called."

"I am afraid our seers had no name for it themselves. One referred to it as 'Rue Morgue'."

"Like the Poe horror story," Sam said, nodding.

"Yes," Theora agreed. "And equally as deadly."


"You got the potion, great." Dean started up the car once Sam got in, holding the bottle carefully.

"Yeah, and I got us an army."

"An army?" Dean glanced into traffic and pulled into the street. "What kind of army?"

"Well, they have seers there who foresaw our arrival and supposedly they said that they - the women of the temple that is - needed to be there too, to help fight the beast."

"We've got a potion like your vision thing showed we'd need to kill this son of a bitch," Dean scoffed. "We don't need any civilians getting in the way."

"The thing is, Dean..." Sam paused for a second. "I think we might. I saw the women in my vision too. Besides," he added, "they're not civilians, they're warriors."

Dean raised an eyebrow at him. "Warriors? What, did you meet Xena in there?" he joked.

"The goddess they worship, Inanna, is the goddess of warfare so I'd lay money that they probably can hold their own with hunters like us. The high priestess' name is Theora and she's pretty intense. I believe her. She said to call her when we found out where the beast was and they'd come." At Dean's look of disapproval, he continued. "Dean, New York City is huge. We only found this thing because of my vision. If it gets away, we may not be able to find it again. And if it kills more people..."

"Fine," Dean agreed reluctantly. "Let's just hope none of the temple women get killed in the process."

"Let's hope no one does," Sam added.


"How many vials will we have?"

Chloe consulted a pad of paper in her hand.

"We had two hundred of the 50-milliliter size and used them all up. We have a box of fifty 100-milliliter vials and are filling those now. We should have about six vials for each woman - enough they can carry them in both hands."

Theora nodded. "Give the 100-milliliter ones to the best warriors with the largest hands. They are the most likely to be able to carry them safely. We cannot risk the vials being dropped accidentally and injuring one of our own."

"Yes, Priestess."

Theora stared at the phone. "It has been three hours. They have not called."

"Do you think they'll try to take on the beast without us?"

"The seers say no, but I fear male vanity and the protective nature of men. They cannot accept women fighting alongside them."

"You don't think Sam and his brother might be different?" Chloe asked.

"I want them to be," Theora said plainly. She looked up to see a woman standing at the door, waiting to be recognized. "Yes, Roberta?"

"Priestess, we have completed our task. There are two hundred and forty six vials, armed and ready. The women have gone to dress for battle."

Theora nodded.

"Prepare the vans. The call may come at any time."

"Yes, Priestess." Roberta departed and Chloe started for the door.

"I will need a strong warrior to lead the women into battle," Theora said, stopping her in her tracks.

"You are our leader," Chloe said, confused.

Theora shook her head. "I must make a stand with the hunters. The seers have made that clear." She placed a hand on Chloe's shoulder. "You are to lead the women in my stead. I have faith in you."

Chloe stood up straight and took a deep breath.

"It is my honor to serve, Priestess."

They both turned abruptly as the phone rang.

"Ready the women," she told Chloe. "It seems our hunters have not disappointed us."


"I feel kind of weird about this," Dean said, his sawed off shotgun slung over his shoulder as he glanced up and down the deserted alley impatiently. "I mean, an army of chicks? That's just... I don't know..."

"What? Wrong?"

"I was going to go for hot actually," Dean muttered. "I mean how am I supposed to focus on killing this thing when I'm surrounded by nubile young women?"

"How do you know they're going to be nubile?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Please," Dean scoffed. "Those goddess rituals are all about the blood. Trust me, I bet this Theora you described is the oldest of all of them and what is she like thirty-five tops?"

"Here they come."

Sam and Dean stood by the Impala as a group of about forty women entered the alley and walked towards them, Theora in the center.

She looked tiny without her voluminous robes and odd wearing normal street clothes. She had on worn blue jeans, black steel toed boots and a snug fitting black long sleeve t-shirt that had more of the unusual writing that Sam had seen at the temple. The other women were similarly dressed - all in long sleeves and jeans with sturdy boots. Those with long hair, including Theora, had it pulled back and out of the way. On each of their belts was a large dagger sheathed in a leather holster.

"Wow, I guess you came prepared for battle," Sam marveled.

"Hello, ladies!" Dean said brightly, with a wave to the group, flashing them his best smile. "Told you," he whispered to Sam with a nudge of his elbow.

"We come armed." Theora slipped a backpack off her back and handed it to Chloe who opened it and gave her one of the vials within before starting to pass them out to the rest to the group. "This, in English, we call Quicksilver Pain. It has mercury in it, which is toxic, so try not to come into contact with it if possible." She held up the vial so Sam and Dean could get a better look at it. "The glass is very fragile, designed to break easily. Throwing them at the beast should cause them to shatter and spread the pain. If you've determined this is its lair..."

"We have," Dean said, turning serious. "And we want to stop it before it gets hungry again."

"We are in agreement." Theora bowed her head slightly to him out of respect. "We have strength in numbers you do not," she continued. "Chloe will take the women to the top floor. They will go together and search every room in the building. If they find the beast they will alert us and attempt to drive him down to the ground floor where you two will be waiting with the Nin.Ha.Gar." She looked at both of them, fixing them in her gaze behind the thick glasses. "You must get the Nin.Ha.Gar to touch its skin in some way. If you throw it at the beast and it only coats the fur then the potion will not be strong enough to stop it. Feet, hands, face... Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Dean said.

Sam shot him a glance. "Yes, Priestess," he said, bowing his head to her.

Theora graced him with another smile. "This one can be trained," she teased. "And you," she turned to Dean and gave him an appraising look. "I'd like to see you again at the next spring equinox. Ever engage in a hieros gamos?"

She smiled slyly at him and gestured to her temple members to enter the building.

As they filed in, Dean grabbed Sam - who was grinning madly - by the arm. "What did she say?" he whispered.

"Dude, that had to be the best pick up line ever and it totally went over your head."

"Really?" Dean asked, then thought about it and a smug grin erupted on his face. "Oh, really?"

"Come on," Sam beckoned. "Can't keep the ladies waiting."


"They are on the third floor now."

Theora sat quietly on the floor of the abandoned building, eyes shut in concentration.

"How do we know it didn't sneak up to the fourth or fifth floor while they were busy searching?" Dean asked Sam quietly.

"Because we left a sentry in the stairwell at each floor," Theora answered for him.

"You must have really good hearing," Dean said, laughing a little uncomfortably.

"I am tuning into the minds of my temple members upstairs. It would be very difficult not to hear you two right behind me." She opened her eyes and turned around to look at Dean. "Yes, I am 'good in bed' as you put it." She turned to go back to her concentrating. "And yes, I would consider 'doing you both at once'."

Sam let out a choking sound while Dean swore under his breath.

"Dude," Sam finally managed to whisper to his brother. "Did I not tell you Inanna is known as the goddess of warfare and sexual love?"

"My kind of combination," Dean murmured appreciatively, looking pointedly at the back of Theora's head.

"Chloe found it!" Theora cried, jumping up. The thrum of rushing footfall could be heard upstairs along with the faint sound of breaking glass. "They are attacking, driving it towards the stairs. Be ready!"

Dean aimed his shotgun at the stairway door and Sam held the potion bottle at the ready.

"It has passed our second floor sentry!"

Theora pulled a set of slender metal throwing stars out of her back pockets.

A thundering noise came down the stairs and the three of them braced themselves.

The beast, its fur splashed liberally with silver, burst through the door catching both barrels of Dean's shotgun in the chest.

It stopped, stunned, and looked down in time to see three silver stars appear embedded halfway into its chest.

Enraged, it grabbed a nearby table and threw it through the air at them.

They all ducked and covered their heads, however Sam - protecting the glass bottle in his arms - wasn't able to shield himself completely and was clipped by the edge of the table as it passed, opening a gash along the side of his face. Knocked to the floor and dazed from the blow, the bottle slipped from his arms and rolled right towards the beast.


"I'm okay!" Sam called back to his brother as he came back to his senses.

"The potion!"

Theora rushed forward, reaching out to stop the bottle on its forward path with one hand and sending it rolling back to Sam who already had his hands outstretched for it.

"Get out of there!" Dean yelled. He had both handguns out now, but couldn’t shoot with Theora in his line of fire.

She scrambled to get away, but the beast caught up to her. With one motion he backhanded her tiny form, sending it crashing into a dusty old armoire. The impact shattered the wooden doors and Theora fell to the floor amidst the rubble.

Dean opened fire. "Come and get me you big ape!" he taunted, drawing its attention away from Sam and Theora.

The beast shifted to come after Dean instead, his bullets only slowing it down as it lumbered forward relentlessly.

Theora lifted her head, but stayed down, waving off Sam's concern. She pointed to the beast's feet and Sam nodded in agreement. He tried to shift to be more behind the beast where he could pour the potion without it noticing, but each movement seemed to draw its attention. He loosened the top on the bottle slightly, but hesitated - still too far away.

"Not too soon, Sam," Theora warned in a low tone.

"Not too late either," Dean added, as one of his guns ran out of ammunition. "Shit!" He took careful aim with the one gun he had left and shot the beast in the eye.

The beast stopped and howled, slapping a hand over its eye in pain.

The stairway door opened up again and the women poured out, those at the forefront brandishing the last of their vials and those in the rear looking bloody and bedraggled yet holding their knives at the ready.

"Throw the vials!" Theora yelled and a dozen women led by Chloe, whose left arm hung limply at her side, descended on the beast, throwing vials at it every second or two so it had no respite.

Sam crawled on the floor on the beast's blind side and opened up the bottle.

Pouring the potion on the floor, he aimed it as best he could towards the beast's foot.

Chloe moved her team to the opposite side trying to drive the beast backwards towards the puddle.

It stepped back - close, but not in the liquid.

"Damn it!" Dean shouted. "It's not enough!"

The women ran out of potion and started backing away, so he leaped up and ran at the beast, ramming his shoulder into its middle to make it stagger back.

Huge as it was, he managed to knock it off balance before it grabbed him and threw him into the wall where he slumped and lay still.

"Dean!" Sam cried.

Before he could rush to his brother's side, an unearthly howl rose up out of the beast.

Its foot was planted right in the middle of the puddle of potion.

In obvious agony, the beast threw itself on the ground, writhing as the smell of smoke filled the room despite the lack of any visible flames.

Sam crouched beside Dean as he came around and they both watched the beast in its death throes.

Once it stopped thrashing, Theora approached it cautiously, pulling a tiny envelope filled with dark powder from her pocket.

Her mouth moved as she recited the holy words, but no sound was heard.

She sprinkled the powder over the beast's face and its one good eye fluttered then closed slowly as it fell completely still.

"Not an honorable death, but a more merciful one than it deserved," she said serenely.

Dean struggled to rise and Sam helped him up, looking worried.

"You okay?" he asked, placing a steadying hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I'll live," Dean muttered, wincing. "So is that thing really dead?" he asked Theora.

"Dead things do not always stay dead," Theora said knowingly, glancing at each brother in turn before returning her attention to the beast's corpse. "But if you wish to be certain, one can usually rely on the traditional methods." She crouched down and examined the beast's neck closely. "I require a battle ax. Shall I send someone for mine at the temple or do you have one I could borrow in your car?"

Dean turned to Sam with a grin on his face. "I like her."


It took the better part of three hours to get all of them through the emergency room.

Most of the women had superficial scratches, but a few needed stitches as well as Sam.

Dean argued that he was used to concussions and signed himself out against doctor's orders.

Chloe's arm was put in a sling and Theora stood by her attentively as she was treated.

As the last of them walked out, Theora pulled Sam aside.

"You go with Chloe in the van," she said. "I will make sure Dean and his car get to Eanna."

"Seriously," Sam said with an indulgent smile. "Dean shouldn't be driving with a concussion, but he's not out of it so much that he'd let you drive that car. It's his baby."

Theora raised an eyebrow at him and walked over to Dean.

"You cannot drive. Give me your keys."

Dean pulled them out of his pocket and put them in her hand without hesitation.

"Well, I'll be damned," Sam muttered in disbelief.

Theora turned back to a shocked Sam and nodded at him and the others.

"We will see you back at the temple."


As the last van parked in the garage, Chloe gave whispered orders to a few of the uninjured women and then approached Sam who was standing in the alley watching for the Impala.

"They will be here shortly."

"Yeah, sure." Sam said, trying to be polite.

"You'll see. I'll wait with you."

Sam turned to look at Chloe and was struck by how tall she actually was once she was right beside him.

"You don't have to do that," he said graciously, smiling at her.

"I don't mind." Chloe tucked a lock of blonde hair behind her ear and returned his smile shyly. "You know," she said tentatively, "it was my blood that fueled the Lady's Angry Fire." She bent her head and clasped her hands at the reference to the goddess.

"Really?" Sam flushed a little, but recovered quickly. "That's an honor," he said, keeping his tone respectful. "You must be proud." She nodded and flashed him another smile. He reached out and brushed the sling on her injured arm with his fingertips. "How's your arm?"

"It hurts," she admitted with a slight frown, "but our priestess will prepare healing potions and sleeping draughts for the injured so that we can rest and let our bodies begin to heal themselves. She'll take care of us." She leaned in closer to Sam, almost conspiratorially. "That's why I know she'll be here soon. She wouldn't make us wait when we need her." She straightened up and pointed down the alley. "Here they come," she announced brightly.

Theora pulled the Impala into the garage and Sam intercepted Chloe, stopping her from closing the garage door by doing it for her.

Dean got out of the car slowly, obviously hurting.

"Bring him inside," Theora told Sam. "I have work to do." She turned to Chloe, standing at the ready. "You are injured. Choose another from the women to stand in your place while you heal."

"Priestess, it is my honor to serve," Chloe said reverently, bowing her head.

Theora's businesslike face softened and she took hold of Chloe's hand. "You have given doubly today. You may rest and remain in the Goddess' graces."

Chloe nodded her acknowledgement. "I will send Roberta to you," she said softly before taking her leave.

Theora beckoned to Sam and Dean, her tone more relaxed and friendly. "You will want to wash up and rest. You may use my chambers."


Theora's bed - such as it was - was more of a huge round dais, well padded and covered with pillows and blankets of many fabrics, all in rich shades of deep red, warm chocolate and inky black.

After two of the women brought them fresh towels and a simple platter of food and drink Sam and Dean were left alone to shower and sleep.

They put on pajama bottoms and t-shirts and crashed on the bed, out in a matter of minutes.

Dean woke a few hours later while all was still dark and padded off down the hallway, leaving Sam snoring quietly in his sleep.

He found Chloe sitting on the floor with her back up against the wall beside a set of elaborate double doors.

"Chloe," he said, keeping his voice down. "What's going on? Where's Theora?"

"She's in the altar room, praying - thanking the Goddess for our safe return." Chloe put her hand against the door sadly. "She tended to all of us then sent me away. I should be in there with her. She shouldn't be alone."

"Have you been up all night?" Dean asked gently. When Chloe nodded, he helped her to her feet. "You need to go rest."

"But she..."

"I'll take care of Theora," Dean promised. "I'll make her go to bed too."

"But none are allowed to enter once the altar room doors are closed by the Priestess," Chloe protested as Dean walked her down the hall.

"Well, thankfully those rules don't apply to me."


Once Dean talked Chloe into taking the potions Theora had prepared for her he sent her off to bed and returned to the altar room.

He put an ear to the door, but heard nothing.

He tried the handle of one door and it was locked, but the other opened noiselessly.

The room was far bigger than he imagined it would be - more like a grand hall than a room.

At the far end in a tiny island of candlelight was Theora.

Her robes were pooled around her on the floor like a nest where she had apparently shrugged them off. She sat on a pillow facing away from him, nude, with her hair piled high on her head in some sort of elaborate design. On a tray in front of her were three tall pillar candles, shrunken and misshapen from hours of burning.

As Dean approached, his bare feet padding quietly on the wooden floor, he could see dark purple bruising across the pale skin of her back.

He edged slightly to the side as he came up behind her, surprised that she hadn't reacted to his presence yet. Her eyes were closed behind her glasses and her mouth was moving continually, forming words without sound.

"Priestess," he said softly. When he got no response, he edged closer. "Priestess," he said again, reaching out a hand to brush her bare shoulder with his fingertips.

Theora jumped at his touch then crumpled as her trance broke. Dean grabbed her before she could fall and held her by the shoulders as she struggled to stabilize herself.

"I am not finished," she protested weakly. "A cycle of prayer for each of our women, a second for each who was injured, three for Chloe," she looked up at Dean, her tone anxious and her expression distraught - her normal reserve stripped away, "and you and Sam just need so many..."

"Hey, hey..." Dean shushed her. "It's okay." He steadied her and pulled her robe up over her shoulders. "I'm pretty sure we'll still need them tomorrow after you've slept. Come on." He slipped an arm around her waist tentatively. "Does this hurt? Your back looked pretty bad."

She shook her head and let him help her rise, leaning against him for a moment as she fastened her robe.

"Oh, I forgot to blow out the candles," she said, absentminded from exhaustion as he tried to lead her away.

"I'll come back and do it."

"No, there is a short prayer, a phrase that must be recited as they are blown out. I have to do it."

"Just tell me the phrase. I can remember it."

"It has to be said a special way."

"I know. Your lips move, but you don't make any sound. Do I need to close my eyes too?"

"Only during the phrase," Theora replied, looking at him appreciatively. "You may open them to do the actual blowing."

"Works for me. What do I have to say?"

"It is not to be spoken aloud." She tipped her head up to whisper the phrase in his ear.

In turn, he whispered it back. She nodded approvingly.

"What does it mean?" he asked. She whispered in his ear again. "That's nice," he said, smiling a little. "Now let's get you settled in bed so I can come back and give the goddess my thanks as well."

He helped her to the door, letting her lean on him, but she hesitated, glancing back worriedly at the candles.

"I hate leaving them like that. I should just do them now," she said, looking longingly at them.

"Wait here." Dean made sure she was stable leaning against the doorjamb before he walked back to the tray.

Rather than rush, he carefully sat where Theora had been, stilled himself, then bent to each candle slowly in turn, blowing one out after each prayer.

When he emerged from the darkness of the room Theora kissed him on the cheek.

"The Goddess accepts your supplication."

"You heard me? Like in your head?"

She nodded, a pleased smile on her face.

"And you said it perfectly."


When Sam woke his eyes cast about in confusion, trying to figure out where he was.

He relaxed when he saw Dean who put a finger to his lips, gesturing to Theora asleep on another part of the bed.

She was on her stomach with a blanket draped over her lower half. Her long hair splayed out over most of her back, but in the gaps Sam noticed the ugly bruising. He shared a glance with his brother before Dean pulled up the blanket to cover her completely.

When Dean stepped into the bathroom, Sam followed.

"Please tell me you didn't sleep with her," Sam whispered.

Dean gave him a glare. "Give me some credit! We all got hurt last night. I wasn't about to take advantage of her."

"So she's naked because?"

"Because she's a high priestess of a goddess known for sexual love. She doesn’t exactly own ceremonial pajamas, Sammy."

Sam put up his hands in defense. "Just making sure, man. I have a lot of respect for these ladies..."

"And you think I don't?" Dean spat out. "Contrary to popular belief, college boy, you're not the only one familiar with alternative religions. I can show appropriate respect."

"Okay, okay..." Sam said, backing down.

"Speaking of respect, right now what Theora needs is another few hours' sleep," Dean said. "So I think we should get dressed, get out of her chambers and leave her in peace."

Sam glanced back at Theora's sleeping form, her face softer and somehow younger looking without her distinctive glasses.



"See, you're making a grown man cry."

Chloe laughed as Sam finished chopping the onions on the kitchen island in front of him, passing them off to another woman who dropped them in a large pan for another woman to cook.

"You've helped, now let me do the mushrooms." Chloe reached for the knife with the hand that wasn't in the sling, only to have Sam pull it away playfully.

"No chopping for you," he admonished. "I'm doing all of it, so sit! Sit back down!" He pointed to the kitchen stool until she relented and sat back down.

"It feels wrong to be idle," Chloe said with a sigh.

"So keep me company while I chop," Sam said, accepting a bowl of washed mushrooms from yet a third woman. "Tell me more about all this," he waved his hands around the room to denote the temple.

"Has anyone seen Theora?" Dean asked as he came in from the garage. "She up yet?"

"She hasn't rung for me," Chloe said. "So she may still be asleep. I was going to draw her a bath." She turned to Sam, blushing slightly. "I just like to take care of her when I know she's been up all night praying."

"She was up all night?" Sam asked, looking from Chloe to Dean.

"She was until I made her and Chloe go to bed around four in the morning." He gestured towards the stairs. "I'm going to check on her." He started to head up then came back down. "Hey, Chloe. Are there any potions she can take? Something that would be good for bruising or pain?"

"I didn't use all of mine," Chloe said. "I can give them to you for her."

"That'd be great."

Chloe got off her stool to join Dean. "She is the kind to care for everyone but herself."

"Well, then it's our job to take care of her," Dean said kindly, following her up the stairs.


Despite sneaking silently into Theora's still dark chambers, Dean heard her stir.

"Chloe?" she said, squinting without her glasses.

"No, it's just me," Dean said. "Don't tell me I woke you up."

"'I have been awake for a quarter hour now," Theora said with a yawn, rubbing her eyes. "I did rise, but it hurt to walk around so I returned to bed."

"Chloe gave me some extra potions for you to take." Dean approached the bed slowly, checking to make sure Theora was covered up before sitting on the edge and offering her the vials.

"Extra? I did not make extra," Theora said, confused.

"Well, you know what they say. Don't look a gift acolyte in the mouth," Dean joked.

Theora managed a smile, despite her concern. "I will have to talk to Chloe later about this." She took one of the vials, opened it and downed it quickly, shuddering. "That is the unpleasant one," she admitted before reaching out for the second. She opened the bottle and a strong pleasant aroma filled the room.

"Wow, whatever's in there smells great. You should bottle it and sell it," Dean teased.

"What do you think we do on the first floor?" she tossed back playfully. "After all, you did come looking for a potion."

Dean frowned at the thought. "Hey, Sam never mentioned paying you for it. Did he?"

Theora shook her head. "We asked for no remuneration. Our goal was the same as yours, to stop the beast that had taken so many women from our city streets."

"Still, I feel bad - you and the other women getting hurt, you putting us up for the night and all... Feels like we should do more."

Theora laid a hand on Dean's arm. "Then I will send you away with a list. If you should find yourself in one of the cities on the list I will have you send us an ingredient that is only found in that area. Is that adequate compensation?"

Dean placed his hand on top of Theora's and gave it a squeeze. "I'd do that anyway. You and your temple members? I've got a lot of respect for what you all did. We couldn't have taken that thing without you and we could have gotten ourselves killed trying to do it alone, so whatever you need, you just let me know. I'll do my best." He paused for a moment, looking away from her. "You're good people. Don't have many of those left, so I tend to want to keep them." He rose abruptly before Theora could respond, clearing his throat. "Chloe suggested a hot bath for you, so I'll go start it up..."

"That big tub takes a long time to fill with our old pipes," she called after him.

"I can wait..."


Theora's eyes opened drowsily as the sound of water flowing in the next room stopped and Dean emerged from the bathroom.

"Good, you're awake again. The tub's finally full."

"How long has it been?" Theora asked sleepily.

"About forty minutes. If you want to sleep some more..."

"No..." Theora started to stretch but stopped and winced. "I think I need a hot bath more than bed right now." She started to sit up and halted, using her hand to keep the blanket covering her front. "Do you require me to maintain a pretense of modesty?" she asked. "Because if nudity makes you uncomfortable..."

"Not at all," Dean said. "It's your beliefs, your body, so when in Rome..." He shrugged. "Don't do anything special on my account." He gestured to the door. "I could leave though."

She shook her head. "I would like the pleasure of your company while I bathe."

"Then I'll stay," Dean said simply.

Dropping the blanket, Theora moved to the edge of the dais and pulled a set of hair clips from a nearby table, swiftly putting her long hair up on top of her head.

Once she was done she attempted to rise, but struggled, obviously in pain.

"Hold on." Dean came to her side, putting out a hand to stop her from trying to rise again. "Let me help you. I can just carry you and put you in the tub."

Theora nodded her approval. "Thank you."

Dean slipped his arms under his back and knees and lifted her light form with barely any effort.

He walked into the bathroom and lowered her almost all the way down to the water.

"Do you want to test it? Make sure it's not too hot?"

"I like it hot," she replied. "Go ahead."

He lowered her slowly, finally releasing her at her nod.

She let out a long contented sigh.

"It's okay?" he asked.

"Near perfect," she said. "If I might impose, there is a bottle on the shelf over there," she gestured with a wave of her hand. "It has purple liquid in it. Yes, that one," she said as Dean held up a bottle. "Pour some of that in the bath."

Dean opened the bottle and poured a thin stream into the bathwater. The room filled with an intoxicating fragrance as the water turned from pale lavender to clear purple to nearly opaque.

"That will suffice," she said, holding up a hand to stop him.

"That's nice," he said, inhaling deeply. "Very relaxing."

"Sit with me," she said. "Keep me company."

Dean grabbed a nearby chair and dragged it beside the tub, settling himself in.

"Cozy," he said with a grin.

"Now," she said, smiling back at him. "Tell me about your life, Dean Winchester."


Sam and Chloe were the last two in the kitchen after breakfast had been served and their laughter was cut short as Theora entered the room, walking gingerly with Dean's assistance.

"Priestess! You didn't ring for me! I would have come to help you!" Chloe cried, rising, obviously in distress.

"Do not be concerned, Chloe. Dean has assisted me quite admirably." She settled onto a stool and waved Chloe back to hers. "I will allow you to assist me in a second round of potion making this afternoon if you desire."

"Thank you, Priestess," Chloe said gratefully. "May I get you some breakfast? Roberta made everyone omelettes today."

"Then I am certain Roberta will not mind making two more for Dean and I," she said, smiling at Dean.

The ring of Sam's cell phone startled them all and he stepped away to answer it.

"I'll fetch Roberta," Chloe said, excusing herself.

"You know, after breakfast..." Dean started.

"Dude!" Sam rushed back to the table, putting his cell phone away. "That was Bobby. There's something big going down in West Virginia and he needs our help now. We've got to roll."

"Do not take the Holland Tunnel out of the city," Theora warned. "They are doing construction and you will be forced to wait for hours."

"We don't have hours," Sam said gravely.

Dean rose. "The car's already packed."

"Great." Sam turned to Theora and bowed. "My thanks to you, Priestess. I am sorry to have to rush..."

"Go with the Goddess' blessings," Theora said, interrupting. "And thank you for your service to our city. Oh!" she said suddenly. "Find Chloe. She will show you where we store gasoline in the garage. We can at least send you away with a full tank."

"Thanks!' Sam bowed again and grabbed his coat.

"'I'll be right there," Dean said as Sam headed out. He turned back to Theora, putting out his hands apologetically. "Priestess..."

"I understand," she said, smiling serenely. "Go with the Goddess' blessings as well. I shall complete my prayers for you and Sam after you go."

"Can you add our friend Bobby in there too?" Dean asked. "He wouldn't call for help if he wasn't in a mess of trouble."

"Consider it done."

"Thank you." Dean bowed his head. "If you ever need us..."

"I shall contact you." Theora put out her hand to lift Dean's chin to face her. "And if you come for the spring equinox you must call me Theora."

Dean smiled widely. "Well," he said, as her smile mirrored his own. "I might have to come back for that reason alone."

"Dean! I need the keys!" Sam's voice floated up from the stairwell.

"I have to go..." Dean removed her hand and squeezed it affectionately before he headed for the door.

Theora's mouth moved, but no sound came out.

Dean paused at the doorway, watching until she was done.

He mouthed the words 'thank you' and was gone.


"You boys look like you got in a hell of a fight."

"Something like that," Sam said, dabbing at his split lip with a clean bandana.

The motel manager unlocked their room door with her passkey. "Sorry that the electricity is out, but the hot water heater runs on propane so at least you can take a hot shower."

"Sounds good to me," Dean said, nursing his left arm.

She opened the door and walked in, leaving the door open behind her for them to enter.

"I put candles in each room for light, but don't be going to sleep with them lit and all. Don't need to have you burn down my poor little motel."

"No, Ma'am. We'll be careful. We promise," Dean said, dropping his bag on the floor as Sam did the same.

She put down her flashlight and picked up the box of matches on the plate next to the large pillar candle. She lit the candle and blew out the flame, putting the match in the ashtray.

"That should hold you," she said. "I figure you'll be wanting to just sleep at this hour of the night anyway." She headed for the door. "Front desk is open all night," she told them. "Holler if you need something."

"Thanks," Sam said, waving her off as she closed the door behind her. "I'm taking a shower," he announced and Dean nodded, falling back on one of the beds with a long exhalation.

He almost dozed off, the white noise of the shower lulling his weary body into sleep, but then the lights flickered and came on as the electricity was restored.

Sitting up slowly, his eyes went to the flickering candle on the dresser.

He got up and walked over to it, staring at its flame in silence for a moment.

He closed his eyes.

His lips moved, but no sound was heard.

He opened his eyes and blew out the candle.

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 12th, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)
Confession Part 1
I wrote a 24 page SPN fic!


Oh, that means this Confession is going to be *long*... /braces self/

I've got tons to say about Theora in particular, so I'm going to save the Theora and Chloe discussion for Part 2 as well as a few other things, so please read that post as well.

On to the fic...

FWIW, the title is kind of a play on both Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief and that old kids' game with MASH standing for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. It's strange that this fic is essentially about Dean yet he's the only major character *not* in the title. (Inanna, Theora, Chloe, Sam) The original title was Goddess Priestess Acolyte Thief with Dean as the thief, but I had no story line for him to steal anything so when Theora called Sam Seer and referred to having seers at the temple the die seemed cast.

If this fic has an odd flow to it here's why: this was not written in order. I had what I thought was most of the fic done and was writing the post-battle scenes. It hit me there wasn't just a one or two scene epilogue, there were a few post-battle scenes. I kept going since the muse wanted to and suddenly there was as much after the battle as there was before it. Being fairly powerless as an author who relies pretty much completely on dictation from a muse, I did what you'd expect: I ran to my beta. /smiles/ My lovely slashwife Melissima calmed me down and helped me work through my freakout that if the battle used to be the climax of the fic, wtf was the climax now? After talking with her, I spent some time pondering the issue and decided to add scenes in the beginning and middle prior to the battle (I'd jumped past a lot in the first draft - the fic was supposed to be more snippets in time) plus I rewrote the battle scene. Finally it hit me - and Mel agreed - that the new climax was the altar room scene. The fic had gone from a Monster of the Week to being about how Dean actually can be respectful of women. I think a part of me deep inside wanted to redeem him after all the picking up on disposable women in bars scenes in canon. Even his brother thinks he's a dog, so I wanted Sam to realize he needed to give Dean more credit than that.

While this is clearly a work of fiction, I did do just enough research to lend what I hope is a tiny air of authenticity to the temple/OCs. I won't go into a full lesson here (this Confession already spans two posts and if I make it three I'm not sure my slashwife would even have enough patience to read all of it!) but Wikipedia has a primer on the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna (aka Ishtar). It includes references to both the temple Eanna and the high priestess' practice of hieros gamos. While the word Nin.Ha.Gar is made up, Nin does mean Lady in Sumerian and the periods are the way that the language is denoted. (Any perceived resemblance to dim sum will only make you feel hungry. Hehehe)

I confess the whole thing about mouthing prayers is a cheat to avoid writing and researching ancient Sumerian goddess worship in detail. As a bonus, it gave me some nice intimate whispering in the altar room plus it facilitated my use of overhearing via telepathy. Words do have power though, so it felt right that they were not to be spoken aloud carelessly. Finally, it's more believable for Dean to say the phrase at the end if we don't really know what he's saying. One can make a pretty good argument against Dean praying to any sort of god/goddess, so best to just leave it as an implication of thanks that doesn't imply any sort of real belief system behind it.

Finally part of me wishes I could ask for a show of hands as to who was surprised that Dean and Theora did *not* have sex. I'd love to find out why you assumed they would. It is, IMHO, a question worth asking - at least to one's self - since Dean's relationships with and attitudes towards women are at the core of this fic.

At least now they are. ;-)

Very special thanks to betas melissima and ashlesha17 for their assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 12th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Confession Part 2
All about Theora...

I strongly believe in giving credit to any and all inspirations, so here's the laundry list.

Theora is based mostly on the character Thessaly in the Sandman graphic novels. Let's be totally up front about that. I even took the big round *glasses* from her. Theora is not Thessaly, but the basis of my inspiration came from that source so I must acknowledge it.

Her name comes from Theora Jones on the show Max Headroom (nicely played by Amanda Pays who also has long brown hair and an accent). While most people focused on the annoying Max, I loved Theora's interaction with Matt Frewer's Edison Carter character. She was strong, capable and he put his life in her hands every time he went out in the field. He trusted her as a full peer and I used her name to imbue my character with those same sensibilities.

I remember reading another character who spoke without using contractions - which my Theora does - and I'd give credit, but I can't remember where I read it. I just seem to recall that the character spoke fluent English, but English was not their first language so their speaking had a sense of formality, which is what I was going for.

And if you were to guess that I was a Daria fan at some point? You would not be wrong. /grins/

Here's a bit of synchronicity for you...

I was doing some googling for another fic and noticed the word Hathor in the results. Now sailorhathor is my new Miracles beta so I thought I'd take a peek and see if it told me where the name Hathor came from. Ironically, given that this fic was written for a female centric comm, the site was about good female characters. Go look and check out the logo graphic in the upper left corner of the page (on the header).
The Hathor Legacy

Hello Theora! ROFL!

(Yes, I'd already written her at this point, so it's not an inspiration, but it's certainly a fun coincidence!)

Finally, if I were a casting director charged with hiring a known actress in this role I'd audition Summer Glau and ask her to dye her hair darker. Oddly, I envisioned Theora as even tinier, but she's pretty close and given her background as a ballet dancer, she'd move like I want Theora to move - like someone in full and complete control over every muscle in her body.

I will likely write Theora again at some point since I like her and this universe so much. My muse keeps showing me glimpses of a Dean/Theora scene in which they are sparring alone in the temple's combat room. Very intense...

A bit about Chloe...

I hereby state that my Chloe is not based at all on Chloe from Smallville. (Ignores the Jensen Ackles tie-in.) I didn't make her tall to avoid comparison, I made her tall and blonde to juxtapose her against Theora who is petite and dark. It's a bonus that Chloe is nice and tall next to Sam who is rather freakishly tall IMHO. I did nick the visual of this character from somewhere, I just can't recall where. I picture a tall, gawky blonde actress acting all shy and tentative, but for the life of me I have nada in terms of context. Sorry!

I tried to not make her an obvious pairing with Sam, so hopefully she'll stay that way in future fic so I can show that it's plausible to have a female character in an SPN verse that has nothing to do with sex.

Some odds and ends...

Hope Jaws fans caught my little inside joke. ;-)

I apologize for using the phrase keeping a lady/ladies waiting two fic in a row. No one cares or probably notices but me, but it bothered me

Those who know me know I like posting fic on specific days so that it makes nice patterns on my LJ calendar. I also like number plays /points to main fandom/ like posting my 7th fandom's first fic on 7/7/07. /grins/ I had planned this fic for 8/8 which would have been great (4 words in the title, 4 main characters), but sometimes life gets in the way of our best laid plans. I posted a Series post instead and as luck would have it, that was also the post that pushed me past the 90,000s in html numbers to 100K. /grumbles/ That honor should have been for a *fic* and a good one like this. /is NOT happy/ Still, what's done cannot be undone without a TARDIS /smirks/ so I have to let it go and move on.
melissimamelissima on August 12th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
Re: Confession Part 2
Wow you mentioned a lot of fandoms in this confession! Cool!

I already told you how much I enjoyed this fic, just wanted to point out how awesome I think you are, for what you've done with Dean. I think Kripke and Jensen would be proud.

And beside that? Cool 'verse! I want worldbuilding skills like yours for my birthday or somefing. :)

Brava. <3
Re: Confession Part 2 - emmademarais on August 2nd, 2009 06:12 am (UTC) (Expand)
riverotter1951: lily of the valleyriverotter1951 on August 12th, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
I hate you. Another fandom to add to my growing list. This is wonderful and the notes make me appreciate your research. As a researcher by training, I love reading notes and explanations. Good job. If you need research, please ask.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on November 8th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
I converted you to SPN?/ \o/

I actually enjoy doing the research, which is good since that's part of what I do in my line of work as well.

I have two sequels in mind for this already, but I admit to being pretty discouraged by how few people read it. :-(

Thank you for giving it a chance.
fredbassettfredbassett on August 12th, 2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
Interesting story. Liked the background detail. Thanks.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on November 8th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you. This is one of my personal favorites. I just wish the fandom had read it. /sigh/
laurel: dean 10sailorhathor on August 17th, 2007 05:06 am (UTC)
This had some very funny lines in it. "I need a bigger bottle," just made me chuckle for some reason. That's the Jaws ref, isn't it? I also giggled pretty hard when Sam was asked to sit down because she "couldn't reach his head" to cut his hair. HA! I love "Sam is a freakishly tall mutant" jokes. There were a couple lines that Dean got off that made me laugh too.

Barefoot Dean, rrrreow! Big kink for me. I like how the scenes between Theora and Dean where she was nude were still erotic, but they didn't have sex. I kind of wanted him to touch her, but knew he couldn't because she was hurt. So those scenes had nice sexual tension and mental visuals.

Interesting ritual details, too.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on November 8th, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Okay, this is the kind of comment I dreamed of when I first published this, so *thank you*.

I wanted to match the show for humor because they do manage it even in some dark moments. Yes, that was the Jaws reference. It makes even me giggle. I guess we're both into Sam is freakishly tall humor because it amuses me to no end. I can't get over how short poor Jensen looks next to him when he's *not*!

Barefoot Provocateuse is good for that kink. It got me into the appeal. There's an icon going around of Rob Morrow as Don in bare feet so clearly you're not alone.

I wanted this to stay gen, but I also wanted to set the stage for future Dean/Theora interaction. I have two sequels planned, both are hot but one is *scorching* hot in my head. I think it gave me brain blisters and my muse wanted a cigarette afterwards. ;-)

The ritual was worth the research, especially since I can use it for the sequel when Dean returns to the temple to go through with the hieros gamos.

I'm truly grateful you gave this fic a chance and read it. Thank you.
(no subject) - sailorhathor on November 8th, 2007 05:37 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Tangles: Winchestersentangled_now on December 28th, 2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
Very good fic! I enjoyed this a lot! I like adventure stories with background and interesting characters, and I liked all the little details. The way the women were an army but in a way that wasn't theatrical just sensible and efficient.

Also the phrase 'ceremonial pajamas' I found hilarious for some reason, so very Dean that line.

Thank you for pointing me in this direction!
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on December 28th, 2007 08:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading this! It broke my heart that after I put so much work and love into writing this that only four people commented on it - two were betas and *none* of them are from the SPN fandom. /weeps/

I have two sequels in my head for this, but it's hard to get into writing them when the first was so soundly ignored.

I'm very happy with my Dean in this and quite proud of my OCs as well. I did a lot more research on this fic as well and I'd hoped that the extra work would be appreciated. No such luck.

So thank you for the meme that brought you here. The attention given to this fic was a wonderful holiday gift and much appreciated.
(no subject) - entangled_now on December 30th, 2007 10:09 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on September 8th, 2009 07:38 am (UTC)
Eep! I missed your comment! /flails/ Thank you so much for reading this!

I'm so glad you read this. Everyone else who commented was a Numb3rs friend - you're the only truly SPN friend I have commenting on this. /smishes/

I totally believe Dean is respectful, deep down. He values human life too much not to be. But yeah, he's a player, but to me that comes out of his whole 'I could die at any time so why not live fully' philosophy, more than him only thinking of women as sex objects.

I do still hope to one day write Hieros Gamos, but more so, there's a short fic with Theora and Dean where he arrives during her fighting workout and then end up sparring. I've had that in my head for ages and it rocks! I just can't seem to get the juice to write it - partially because I know there's no way I can do that amazing fight choreography in my head justice in mere words. I'm just not that talented at any writing other than dialogue. /sigh/

But hope springs eternal. I submitted this fic for kamikazeremix so perhaps that will breathe new life into this universe. /crosses fingers/

Thanks again, hon. ♥
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - emmademarais on September 8th, 2009 07:37 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Jestana: Pets: Barneyjestana on September 12th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry this fic hasn't gotten much love from the SPN fandom. It's really good. The plot works fine and I like that the focus isn't on the Monster of the Week, but on Dean and the fact that he respects women. Granted, I haven't seen all of the episodes, but it's clear he values human life. I'm not sure I want to read the 'remix' of this. There was so much in here and she picked Dean bitching about waiting? *shakes head*
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on September 12th, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading this, hon. You're getting the big basket o' cookies from me this week. ♥

I admit to being totally perplexed. I mean, she was free to remix it in any way she wanted, but I feel sad that all she decided to keep was Dean parking the Impala in NYC. It makes me feel like she must not have thought much of the fic to not include any of the plot or any of the characters, you know?


Still, you've made it all worthwhile because you gave me the one thing I'd hoped for: a new reader for GPAS. I figured it would be worth writing Dean/Alastair /cringes/ to get at least someone to notice this fic. It holds a special place in my heart and I've been wanting so badly to write sequels in this universe, but it's hard to get any motivation when no one gave a damn about the original, you know?

So thank you for that. You made my day. :-)
(no subject) - jestana on September 12th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - emmademarais on September 13th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - jestana on September 13th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - emmademarais on September 13th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - emmademarais on September 14th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC) (Expand)
keerawakeerawa on September 16th, 2009 06:11 am (UTC)
"Actually, I am required by law to inform you that I am not a licensed cosmetologist."
*snickers* The prietess has her own, very strict system of ethics.

Dean so enthusiastic about the army of women warriors who worship a goddess of sex and war. I loved Sam filling him in on the pick-up line and the complete lack of any ceremonial pajamas.

Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on September 16th, 2009 06:26 am (UTC)

(Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit overjoyed?) ;-)

Thank you so much! I loved the little humor bits in this fic and you picked out three of my absolute favorites!

My writing's gotten a lot better in the 2 years since I wrote this, but I'll always have a soft spot for it, even if it's a little simple in the prose department.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and truly appreciate you giving it a read.

Thank you!
fyreflyfyrefly101 on September 22nd, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
I'm not a die-hard Supernatural fan. In fact, I suspect most of my contact with it comes via fandom, rather than the tv. But I lovelovelove this. All the characters stand out so distinctly in this, and (although a huge fan of slash/het fic) the way in which the fic doesn't devolve into the characters getting together is actually a refreshing change. At least with Dean and Theora, the tantalising promise of what could be is more than a little enticing. It also makes the humour stand out so much more (ceremonial pjs! cosmetologist-challenged PhD chemists!). Definitely one to save to my favourites!