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13 August 2007 @ 11:59 pm
Supernatural Fic: Decent Odds  
Written for spn_xx - Prompt 22. I'd love to see some good old fashioned females kicking ass, right alongside male hunters.
Crossposted to supernaturalfic

Title: Decent Odds
Pairing/Characters: John, Daniel, OFCs, Dean, Sam, Ellen, Bill, Jo
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: John and Daniel Elkins help two female hunters with a nest of vampires
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ


She'd bought most of them at garage sales.

Not because buying a dozen ice cube trays would have brought too much attention, but because Del had taken one look at the price and scoffed.

She just wanted to pour blood into them; she didn't need anything fancy or expensive.

Money was for important things.

Like the arrows that were currently sunk business end first into the blood filled ice cube trays, soaking in the second hand refrigerator she'd bought through the classifieds.

Yori had outlawed blood - especially dead man's blood - in her house, so she and Del had compromised by putting the second refrigerator in the back screened porch area out of sight.

The screen door squeaked noisily in the quiet evening air and Del looked up as Yori walked in, hanging up the cordless phone in her hand as she entered.

"Well?" Del asked. "Is he coming?"

"Yes," Yori answered, twisting her long black hair into a careless knot. "And he's bringing reinforcements."

"Damn," Del said, breaking into a pleased grin. "I guess there really is a cavalry you can call in."




The two men exchanged nods in greeting.

John slid onto the barstool next to Daniel and waited to catch the eye of the man behind the bar.

"John Winchester! You old son of a bitch!" Bill shook John's hand warmly. "Ellen! Come on out! John's here!"

Ellen came out of the back, her young daughter on her hip.

"Hey there, John," she said, smiling. "Nice to see you back in these parts."

"Nice to see you too, Ellen. And Joanna Beth, you just get so much bigger every time I see you," John teased. Jo hid her face in her mother's neck, giggling.

"You two out for a hunt?" Bill asked, putting a beer down in front of John. "More vampires?"

John nodded and took a drink. "Some friends just over the border in Wyoming found a nest. It's a pretty big one so they asked for some backup. No one's better than Daniel, so I asked him to lend a hand."

"There's less and less of them to hunt every year," Daniel said, finishing off his whiskey and waving a hand to stop Bill from refilling it. "So a good sized nest is pretty unusual. Don't want any of them getting away."

"Well, you be sure to call in afterwards," Ellen said, a hint of worry in her tone. "We want to make sure you got out all right."

"Hell, Ellen," Bill said with a chuckle. "These are the last two hunters we've got to worry about! We'll be sitting at this bar telling stories long after some of these young careless punks are dead and gone."

"It's Jo's bedtime," Ellen said, changing the subject abruptly. "So I'm going to say good night too." She gave them both a look of concern. "Safe hunting to you both."

"Night, Ellen" Daniel said.

"Night, Ellen," John echoed. "Night little Jo!" he said with a wave at the little girl.

Jo waved back as her parents kissed briefly over her head.

"I'll wait up," Ellen said quietly to her husband, then ducked out the back after a final smile at the two hunters.

"So, where are the boys?" Bill asked genially. "Haven't seen them in ages."

"Down the road at the motel," John replied, hooking a thumb towards the highway. "We were on a hunt in Missouri earlier when I got paged about Wyoming. Sam fell asleep on the drive to Nebraska. Dean's watching him now."

"You didn’t have to get a room at the motel. Ellen and I'd be happy to take the boys in for a night."

"Thanks, Bill," John said, pushing his beer aside after a long swallow. "But Dean's old enough now that I trust him alone for a day or two if needs be."

"Does he at least have our number?" Bill asked. "I mean, just in case the motel manager gives him a hard time or something."

"Sure, he does, but I doubt he'd need to call. That boy's got a smooth tongue on him," John said with a chortle. "He can talk himself out of just about any kind of trouble." He turned to Daniel. "You ready?" At Daniel's nod both men stood. "The Impala's right outside so if you want to sleep on the way, I can drive us both."

Daniel waved him off. "I'm good. Besides, I can head back to Colorado when I'm done if I take my truck. Been on a road a while. It'll be good to take a break."

"Good hunting, both of you," Bill said, sending them off. "Come back alive."

As they headed out, Daniel huffed low enough that only John could hear. "Come back alive or don't come back at all is more like it when you're dealing with vamps!"


"The barn doors open facing the clearing."

Yori traced her finger over the drawing of the area around the nest as Daniel and John leaned over it, paying close attention.

"I'll be here," Del said, putting her finger at the edge of the clearing where the woods began. "There's a small rock formation I can hide behind. Shove any vamps out the barn doors into the sun or even into the area just inside the doors and I'll take care of them."

"Slow down as many as you can with dead man's blood," Yori told the two men. "That's the main thing I need you for." She laid her chisakatana on the table. "My sword is short enough we can fight in fairly close quarters, but I can behead them faster if I can focus on those you've already disabled. If I have to fight as well..."

"We get it," Daniel interrupted. "We've got ties to slow down the ones in hammocks," he gestured to a pile of the plastic ties normally used by law enforcement as disposable handcuffs, "and we've got knives dipped in dead man's blood plus we'll take out three on the countdown before they wake up."

"Unless I get lucky and can find two sleeping close together." Yori shrugged. "They mate for life, or whatever you'd call it for them, so if they're close enough my blade is sharp enough for two."

"I'll take the one you think is the leader," John said. "If he's out before things really get started that should throw them off a little."

"Or piss them off," Daniel grunted. "But if he's the strongest? Then yeah, we need him taken out first." He turned to Yori. "How many do you think are in there?"

"We counted twenty," she replied soberly.

Daniel and John looked at each other.

"Four to twenty," John said.

Daniel looked like he was weighing it over in his head, but then he smirked, nodding.

"Decent odds."


Moving silently through the darkened barn, Yori led John past hammock after hammock, shaking her head each time.

They finally reached a bed where a male and a female vampire lay splayed across the bare mattress.

Yori bent low and looked close in the dark - holding her breath so as not to make any sound - then straightened up, nodding and pointing at the male.

John nodded in acknowledgement and they both turned towards Daniel.

He moved stealthily from hammock to hammock, binding a foot to the hammock ropes on each sleeping vampire with the plastic ties.

Once he reached the others at the back of the barn he positioned himself over a vampire sleeping nearby and quietly raised his ax, watching for Yori's signal.

John raised his ax over the leader of the nest, judging his aim carefully: one blow was all he'd get.

Yori pulled out her chisakatana, adjusted her grip on it, and positioned herself over the female vampire on the bed.

Yori nodded the countdown.

On zero three blades fell with deadly accuracy.

Three down.

But now over a dozen vampires were between them and the way out.

With a screeching loud battle cry, Yori leapt into action, slicing the head off the first vampire to start towards her.

In answer to her alarm, the barn doors burst open - hinges blown off by the tiny explosives Del had set and detonated. The three hunters quickly shielded themselves from what they knew would be next.

Every blacked out window in the whole barn blew at once.

Bright sunlight streamed in through the open doors and windows and now it was the vampires screeching.

Daniel headed back for the hammocks. As each vampire stumbled and fell on the floor trying to get out of their hammock he sliced them on the arm or leg with his blood soaked knife before rushing to the next, catching a good half dozen of them before they busted through the plastic.

John stayed close to Yori, stabbing at any vampires who came close and letting her at them once they stumbled and grew sluggish from the poisonous effects of the dead man's blood.

They worked their way forward, slashing and stabbing, trying to make their way to the exit.

Those remaining closed ranks and headed for Yori - the biggest threat.

"Daniel!" John called, having a hard time keeping them back.

Daniel rushed back, grabbing the outermost vampire from the pack crowded around the other two and throwing her into the light.

As soon as the vampire was within range of the doors three arrows thudded into her chest and she fell even as she stared stunned at the weapons protruding from her body so unexpectedly.

Daniel threw two more into the light and Del's swift bow made short work of them.

A few vampires panicked and ran out of the barn, leaving just a handful, back to back, snarling at the hunters surrounding them.

With a few flicks of her eyes, Yori communicated to John what she wanted.

Subtly, John maneuvered so that Daniel was behind him and backed him up a little, creating a slight escape route for the vampires.

On Yori's signal, they attacked.

John and Yori went after the two closest. She beheaded one and John sliced the other, knocking him to the floor where Yori cut his head off as well.

Daniel caught one of the escaping vampires by throwing his knife into its back. When John tossed him his ax, he chopped the head off in one blow.

They did a swift yet careful circuit of the whole barn, checking for any hiding places, then headed outside.

Del stood, her pixie short red hair shining bright in the sun, ax in hand over one of the few remaining vampires she hadn't beheaded yet, her arrows sticking liberally out of the bodies behind her as her gleaming high tech archery bow stood leaning against a nearby rock.

"Almost done here."

"Need a hand?" John asked, wielding his ax.

Del's blade fell, severing the head from the twitching vampire at her feet. "No, I've got it, thanks."

She walked over to the last vampire, crawling on his belly, pale skin sizzling in protest at being in the daylight. He had torn all three arrows out of his chest and was scrabbling at the earth, trying to drag himself into the shady woods.

"Did any get past you?" Daniel asked, surveying the body count. At Del's glare he stood his ground. "I only count nineteen."

Del pointed to the other side of the barn where a headless body with a half a dozen arrows still in it lay. "Someone was late to the party," she sneered. "He snuck out of the woods just after you all went in. Figured he was some sort of sentry, so I took him out before the main attack even started. Of course that meant he had to lay there in agony the whole time you guys were busy in there." The obvious sarcasm in her voice continued as she addressed the vampire shuddering helplessly at her feet. "I wish you all would learn - if you want to be welcome in the neighborhood..." She raised her ax over her head. "Go to Hell."

The ax descended.

Only the four remained.


"Did you clean out the refrigerator?" Yori asked as she handed Del a cup of tea.

"Yes," Del said, rolling her eyes and burrowing down into her sweater. "All the blood is gone, I swear."

"Good," Yori said, settling into her chair, tucking her feet under her as she pulled a throw over her legs. "I hate blood."

"For someone who hates it, you sure spill enough of it."

Yori wrinkled her nose. "I don't consider the stuff that comes out of any of those things we kill to be blood." Her eyes stared off past the steam of her tea into nothingness. "Once you've seen that much real blood - human blood - you don't ever want to be around it again."

Del frowned and nudged her friend before she got lost in the nightmarish memories again.

"At least you had bodies to bury," she said wistfully. "I may never know if Darius survived or if..." Her voice trailed off, the possibilities too heinous and too much a part of her life now to dwell on. "But we did a good thing today."

Yori nodded her head, a tiny smile gracing her face. "We did."


John pulled the Impala into the parking space just outside room eleven and turned off the motor.

Dean's face peeked through the draperies and John caught the hint of a smile before he ducked back inside.

He opened the door, smiling widely as little Sam launched himself at him.


John effortlessly swung up his youngest son into his arms while Dean stood by, almost at attention, waiting for his turn.

"Report!" John said to him, half jokingly.

"The manager lady came but I told her Sammy had whooping cough so I couldn't open the door."

Sam made his best impression of a whooping cough and John laughed.

"Good job, son." He mussed Dean's hair and gave him a nod of approval.

Dean beamed.

"Thanks, Dad," he said proudly.

"Hey, how about a movie?" John suggested. "I drove past an old drive-in about ten miles back and they've got a double feature tonight!"

"Yeah!" Dean cried. "With popcorn!"

"And soda!" Sam added, wriggling out of his father's arms to run around the room.

"Not a whole soda," John said, watching him careen around the small room pretending to be a car. "You and Dean can share one."

"I don't want to share with Sammy," Dean protested.

"Hey," John cautioned. "We're a family. What's mine is yours and what we have we share."

"Then can I have the car?" Dean taunted, grinning.

John crouched down and looked his elder son in the eye.

"When you're old enough and can prove to me you can take good care of it? Yes."

Dean straightened up proudly. "I can do that."



Dean pulled up to the house listed on the scrap paper he had in his hand and shut down the motor, letting the Impala rest in the rapidly cooling Wyoming dusk.

He got out of the car and looked around, but saw only open fields.

A petite Asian woman with long black hair streaked with white stood in the doorway, a sword in her hand, but not raised.

"I recognize the car, but not the Winchester," she said before breaking into a smile. "I'm Yori. You must be Dean."

"That I am." Dean replied, standing by the car. "My dad's on his way, but he told me to head over here as soon as I could."

"Is it John?"

Del stuck her head out the door, her shock white hair catching the last glimmer of sunlight before night fell.

"It's his son, Dean, but John's on his way, don't worry."

Clearly agitated, Del waved perfunctorily at Dean. "Hi."

"Hello," he responded, watching as she disappeared back inside the house.

"Grab your gear," Yori said. "We have spare rooms so you can bunk with us. We're waiting on your father and Bobby to get here before we head out."

Dean grabbed his duffel bag and weapons and headed for the door.

"She okay? Your friend?" he asked.

Yori shook her head. "No. She's not." She glanced back into the house before turning back to Dean. "But she will be after this hunt."

Dean marched up the steps. "Is this one of those hunts where we kill the thing that destroyed someone's family?" he asked solemnly. "Because I'm totally up for that."

"No," Yori said sadly. "This is one where we kill someone who used to be family." She held the door open for Dean to enter. "Come on in."

"Who are we hunting?" Dean asked, keeping his voice low enough so only Yori could hear.

"The thing that once was Del's brother Darius."


The funeral pyre flames rose into the frigid Wyoming night and Del threw her torch on the fire before stepping back to where Dean stood, the flickering golden light revealing his expression of compassion.

"I don't know if I could have been as strong as you, Del," he said honestly. "But if it's any consolation, you did what had to be done. That wasn't Darius anymore," he added gently.

Del stared forward into the flames as Yori came up on her other side, slipping her hand out of her glove and joining it with Del's.

"Darius is at peace," Del said, gripping Yori's hand tightly. "And now I can be too."

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 14th, 2007 10:04 am (UTC)
Another SPN fic where the battle ends up in the middle!


What the hell is going on with my storytelling?

/shakes head in confusion/

Like Goddess, this fic went through a bit of an identity crisis. I wrote it, wasn't really happy with how disjointed it felt, showed it to my lovely slashwife and winced when she told me that the ending I'd shown her wasn't the ending.


I rewrote the end I had and added an epilogue.

If it needs more than that? It's not going to happen.

At least now it wraps up Del's tale; her life mission is complete.

The foreshadowing for Dean is just an unhappy bonus.

To whoever submitted this prompt, I'm sorry I didn't do a better job with it. More ass is kicked in Goddess, but at least the women hunters are full peers to the men here, in fact the men are taking orders from the women. Yori is the de facto leader. Her family was slaughtered so she's got nothing left to lose. She's just in it to take as many out as she can before one takes her out. Del is obsessed with her missing brother and his fate. While I'm not clear about what happened to him, at least his fate is resolved at the end.

This fic flashes back to 1990 when Jo wasn't even in kindergarten and Dean was like 12 years old. Bill Harvelle and Daniel Elkins were still alive and Ellen was still happily married.

I don't go into why John didn't bring the boys to the Roadhouse, but it's canon that he kept the boys away from the hunting community, so my thought was now that Dean is old enough to remember things - and figure stuff out on his own - John's keeping them sheltered.

FWIW, a chisakatana is a shorter version of a katana. Since Yori is short and needs to be able to fight with others in cramped quarters a shorter sword makes sense all around. I don't state specifically that she's Japanese, but she is in my head at least. Del's more strawberry blonde to me - with super fair skin - but it was hard to include any visual descriptions of the women in the fic - it just wasn't the kind of story that lent itself to that kind of exposition early on.

Very special thanks to beta melissima for her assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais
melissima: workfromhome by <lj user=eyesthatslay>melissima on August 14th, 2007 01:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Confession
Oh, hey! No badmouthing the story! It has an engaging depth and verisimilitude--The SPN in your head is at least as interesting as the CW version if not more. Your worldbuilding is awesome and Kripke should hire you.

Keep in mind that I was a)up too late and b)spacing on the big "2005" you put right there on the page. Bah! Bad brain, no biscuit. :(
riverotter1951: north American river otterriverotter1951 on August 14th, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
Heading for Netflex to add more to my collection.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 16th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)

SPN is really good, seriously.

I got dragged into it kicking and screaming, but somewhere mid-first season I got it and by end of Season 1 I was hooked.

Season 2 is tons better with great family drama and mythology. I *love* Dean and his father John, so if you like the father and sons with no mother dynamic of Numb3rs you'll probably like it on SPN too.
laurel: butts cheerfully kickedsailorhathor on August 16th, 2007 02:45 am (UTC)
This was my prompt! ^_^ It is a lot like you wrote it for me, because I drool for cool weapons and I'm a major Japan/Asia geek. Thank you for the ass kicking. :D (The characters kicking ass, not you kicking mine. ;D)
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 16th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
OMG! I had meant to go look up the prompts, but the whole writing 20,000+ words thing kept me kind of busy. ;-)

I'm glad it was yours. You were one of the reasons I was looking forward to doing this ficathon. I figured if you and the couple of other friends I know signed up for it thought it was worthwhile it had to be.

I'm in the home stretch: five fic published and the sixth partially done and I'm running on fumes. It's not helping that the best fic of all of them (Goddess) got pretty much ignored so far. I could use a bit of comment fuel to juice me up for the last laps.

As of tomorrow I get to *read* too! Yay! A nice reward for all the hard work. Ficcage!

So YW for the kickass! (Great icon too!)
laurel: damage incsailorhathor on August 17th, 2007 02:34 am (UTC)
I'll give your Goddess story a read and give you some feedback. When you start reading, can you read my story too? I'm jonesing for some feedback so bad. *twitch, twitch* You're one of few people who can fully appreciate it because you know "Miracles."
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 17th, 2007 03:52 am (UTC)
Yes! I can't wait. Actually I forced myself. I brought up the page and then saw how long it was and was all Nooo! Must work to earn money for food! Work now, read fic later!

So I will probably load it on my PDA so I can read in bed long after my hands and back cramp up from sitting in front of the PC so long. ;-)

Yes, if you read none of the others please read Goddess. It's the best one.

I have the big love for John, so your past!fic with him makes me quiver with anticipation and delight. So expect long comments once I am done. :-)
laurel: bob evilsailorhathor on August 17th, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)
My muses tend to go on. :D I've been trying to break my stories up more so people have a good stopping point, for when they want to eat or go to bed. I wasn't sure how many chapters to break this one into, but the muses insisted on 3, so they had the final word. The length of this fic is the reason why I didn't finish my other prompt on time. *mad face*

I think John's a very interesting character, and I enjoy writing for him when a story calls for him to be in it. He's good for conflict. But I don't personally like many of his parenting decisions.