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Numb3rs Fic: Across a Crowded Room

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Title: Across a Crowded Room
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Pilot, UP
Summary: Don and Charlie attend a formal banquet in Sacramento
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

It had all the ingredients of a romantic evening: tuxedo, candlelight, champagne - only Don was there with his little brother, not his arm ornament of the month back home in Los Angeles.

Sacramento was dead boring, but it was the state capitol and Don wasn't given any choice in the matter. He and Charlie had been sent to represent the team at the formal banquet. Ostensibly to reward innovation in law enforcement, the banquet felt more like punishment to him.

Don tugged at his tie, uncomfortable in the monkey suit as he'd jokingly called it when his father had gone with him to rent it for the weekend. Charlie owned - owned - a tux, which blew Don's mind. Not only that, he'd had it custom tailored. Don had made a joke about them not making tuxes that small otherwise, but his father had just glared at him pointedly from several inches above him as he stood up as straight as he could.

Once dinner was over and the speeches were done it had been time to mingle and Don had done his due diligence - shaking hands with the important people on the AD's list of who to schmooze. But now he was finished and more than ready to go back to their room and get out of his suit.

His eyes sought out Charlie's distinctive mop of curls through the throngs of formal wear and spotted him holding court across the room, gesturing avidly with his hands as a small crowd listened intently.

He rarely got to see Charlie in teacher mode anymore, so this was a rare treat. Always animated, his brother came alive when he was teaching others. When he'd first gone into academia as a career Don had assumed it was because Charlie felt comfortable there - safe and sheltered in his ivory tower. It soon became clear that Charlie's passion for math was matched by his zeal in encouraging others to explore math, to see it how he saw it.

He wove his way through the crowd, keeping his eyes on his brother the whole time. As he approached the crowd thinned and he could see all of Charlie, head to foot.

It hit Don all at once, even though he'd spent the whole dinner by Charlie's side. The custom tailored suit fit him beautifully and made him look poised, graceful and admittedly handsome. He'd shaved for the first time in ages and Don had almost forgotten the strong line of his jaw and the long neck beneath.

Unexpectedly a flush of interest rose up in Don and his body responded to the idea. They'd given into temptation off and on in their lives, but always returned to the norm of seeking relationships with women like their father expected of them. The last time they'd had a weak moment was after their mother died. Charlie had been in pieces until Don brought him home to his apartment - ostensibly to get him away from the garage for a while - and they'd spent the entire time in bed seeking solace in each other.

They'd drifted apart again after that, as if realizing it would be too easy to use each other as a crutch, and Don considered it over yet again.

Now those familiar desires were stirring again and he found he didn't want to quash them like he normally did. They were hundreds of miles from home, they had a hotel room all to themselves and if Charlie really was that serious with Amita this might be their last chance before he popped the question and made it official.

He placed himself in Charlie's field of vision and waited for him to notice. It took about a minute, but Charlie flashed him a smile and raised a finger to signal him to wait as he finished up.

Don didn't move and Charlie turned his gaze to him again as expected. He locked eyes with Charlie, his intent clear in the expression he knew only his brother could read, as he untied his tie and opened up the first few buttons of his shirt.

He could see Charlie's Adam's apple bob as he swallowed hard. Don turned away grinning to himself as he headed to their room.

His message was delivered. It was up to Charlie to decide if he wanted to follow.


Don had barely poured himself a scotch when he heard the door. He took a swig then went to meet Charlie as he entered.

The door barely shut behind him, Charlie grabbed Don by the lapels and dragged him down for an impatient kiss. Ready and willing, Don backed Charlie up against the wall and pressed his body against his as he plundered his mouth.

"God, that was so hot," Charlie muttered between kisses. "I was already having trouble resisting you in a tux and then you had to go all James Bond on me and take the tie off."

"Oh, like you in your custom made suit was easy," Don complained even as he pushed the jacket off Charlie's shoulders. "Easy on the eyes maybe."

"Then I should buy you one for Hanukkah," Charlie teased, hands pulling Don's shirt out of his pants to get at the warmed skin beneath. "You already look amazing in a rented one. I may spontaneously combust seeing you in a tailored one."

"Right now I'd rather see you out of your suit," Don purred, unbuttoning Charlie's shirt once Charlie had torn off his own tie and tossed it aside.

"Less talk," Charlie said, letting first Don's cufflinks then his own fall to the floor before Don pulled his shirt the rest of the way off. "More action."

"Works for me." Don pulled off his own shirt and jacket and kissed Charlie hard, pressing their bare chests together and grabbing his ass, grinding against him until he felt an answering hardness to match his own.

"Bed," Charlie muttered when Don let him come up for air. They both toed off their shoes and socks on the short trip then collapsed on the bed in a tangle, hands roaming as Don kissed him thoroughly once again.

Rolling on his back, Don pulled Charlie along with him so he was lying on top. Charlie broke off and started kissing his way down Don's chest, undoing his tuxedo pants and pulling them off along with his underwear, his tongue lavishing attention on the newly bared skin.

He licked a stripe up the bottom of Don's erection, but Don grabbed him and flipped their positions before he could go any further.

Don made short work of the last of Charlie's clothing and took him into his mouth hungrily. A low groan of approval rose up out of Charlie's mouth and Don relished the noises he dragged out of him as if each one was a conquest in itself.

"Fuck..." Charlie managed when Don finally paused. "I'd almost forgotten how good you are at that."

"What can I say? I was inspired tonight." Don moved up to kiss Charlie's neck, placing tiny bites along his jawline as he stroked Charlie's cock lightly. "Hmm..." He hummed into the crook of Charlie's neck. "We need supplies."

"In the nightstand," Charlie responded, arching his neck to give Don better access.

Don stopped and stared at him. "You were prepared for this?"

Charlie just smiled. "You're surprised? I am a genius, aren't I?" he said with a chuckle. "I figured you'd see it as the ideal opportunity too, so I prepared just in case."

"I guess I didn't have anything to worry about," Don said with a grin. "I wasn't sure you'd be into it after all this time."

Charlie suddenly pushed Don onto his back, kissing him hard and covering his body with his own, cocks rubbing against each other with delicious friction.

"That erase any doubts you might have?" he said smugly once he'd made his point, moving to sit astride Don's thighs.

"I don't know," Don taunted. "I might need some reinforcement."

Charlie laughed and leaned over to the nightstand, pulling out a small black case. He pulled out a condom and tossed it onto Don's chest before pulling out a tube of lubricant and setting the case aside.

"I'll see what I can do," Charlie mocked in return. He prepared himself while Don sheathed his cock, handing Don the lube to slick up his cock himself.

Once Don was done, Charlie shifted position, moving up Don's body so Don could bend his legs, planting his feet on the mattress.

Charlie reached behind him, guided Don's cock into position then sank down onto it as Don gripped his hips firmly, both their mouths falling open in a wordless O of pleasure.

The only sound at first was their labored breathing as they adjusted to the overwhelming sensation, then Don pulled out and bucked up, burying his cock in Charlie's ass again.

A sharp cry gave him a second's pause until he saw the echoes of ecstasy in Charlie's shudder. Keeping his angle the same he pulled out and drove back in repeatedly, watching Charlie come apart with each thrust.

His body rocked by electric jolts of raw pleasure, Charlie was a rag doll under Don's hands, barely able to remain upright. Still he managed to move a hand to his cock and stroke himself in time with Don's rhythm.

"Fuck, I love watching you like this." Don's gaze took in Charlie's wide-eyed bliss, his cherubic curls and his debauched state - the tantalizing sight egging him on to completion.

He held Charlie in place and slammed into him over and over until the tension broke and he came like an explosion - body going taut as he emptied himself into his brother's tight heat, only dimly aware of the warm come splattering his torso as Charlie spasmed and came as well.

Charlie collapsed against him and for a moment there was nothing in the world save oxygen and each other.


After a brief shower to clean up they slipped into the other bed together, curled up as comfortably as they had ever been years before.

"Why did we stop doing this?" Charlie asked quietly as he ran his fingers through Don's chest hair.

"We figured it was a bad idea at the time," Don mused, playing with Charlie's curls. "It's a bad idea any time, but it was a really bad idea then."

"Yeah," Charlie said thoughtfully. "But after you decided to stay in LA... Why not until now?"

Don shrugged. "I just figured you and Amita... And I didn't want to get in the way."

Charlie made a noise of protest. "No, I'm not even going to go there."

"Hey, it goes both ways. I didn't see you chasing me down."

"No, you really didn't," Charlie said wistfully.

Don furrowed his brow, sitting up to look down at Charlie.

"Are you trying to tell me..."

"Yes," Charlie interrupted him. "But that doesn't matter now. All I want to know is are you going to shut me down as soon as we go back to LA or..." He pulled Don back into the bed with him. "Are you going to be open to possibilities?"

Don returned Charlie's gaze for a moment, his expression unreadable, before pulling Charlie into his arms.

"I think if you do the math," he teased lovingly, "you'll find the probabilities are very high for that outcome."

Charlie smiled happily.

"I can do the math."

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