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16 November 2007 @ 12:11 pm
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Three Red Balls  
I plead temporary insanity!

I'm about as anti-crack fic as you can get and these fic? I may deny it, but they're pretty damn cracky if loads of other people say so I do say so myself. ;-)

I like humor okay, but it's not my forte. However, I like challenges so when I took on writing humor as a challenge before I did so until I was satisfied and then moved on. I really should have kept going to hone my humor chops so when I read entangled_now and fredbassett's sexy humor fic I figured that was cause enough to try my hand at sexy humor.

I'd already written Character Witness, but this wasn't just a few drabbles. I got hit with a whole universe in one night. 5K of fic later I realized that this was good practice. It's also kind of a break from my normally quite heavy fair, so consider this the ice cream for breakfast you get between steaming bowls of high fiber oatmeal. Hehehe

I have plans for a number of sequels, but might just leave this universe open ended since how could it end really? I'm cool with letting the hijinks unfold over time as the muse desires. (Ha! Like I could decide to do anything contrary to what the muse desires. /grins/)

At least with this Series we can share a good laugh together. I hope you all get some laughs out of it as well...

Series Information - Three Red Balls

Three Red Balls - Main (Published)
Two Red Faces - Sequel (Published)
Seven Red Roses - Sequel (Published)
Four Red Bumps - Sequel (Published)
Nine Red Apples - Sequel (Published)
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on April 8th, 2009 06:54 pm (UTC)
Re: Dear Lord...
I think you broke my brain XD

I'm right there with you! LOL

I wrote the first four stories in this series in one sitting on one evening and looked up to go OMG myself. /grins/ Seriously, I've never done anything like this before and I have *no clue* where it came from.

I have a bunch of sequels in my head, but for whatever reason it's been difficult getting them going. In short, I'll just say, the Three Red Balls get taken to work at the FBI. Much wackiness ensues. LOL

I did let people fill in the blanks themselves on the Don and Charlie bit. It's clear that in order to escape the effects of the sex ball you have to orgasm and Don is so not going to ever admit what kind of party he might have been to ensuring Charlie's release in that situation. But people can imagine Chuck getting a hand from his big brother in whatever way they want. /snickers/

I do think this will end up Charlie/Colby if anything, but I did like the David/Colby introduction just because it really did prove the ball's effect getting them together. And, well, I can't help but have a certain amount of affection for the fic that started it all.

Thanks for reading these! They might not be a good example of the rest of my fic, but they're cracky good fun!