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14 December 2008 @ 11:54 pm
Doctor Who Fic: Laundry Now Appearing Thursdays Only  
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Title: Laundry Now Appearing Thursdays Only
Pairing/Characters: Nine/Rose/Jack
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Rose, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances
Summary: A wardrobe change leads to playful banter and laundry
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

"Right then! Where to next?"

Once they'd all trundled inside, out of breath from their brisk jog to make it to the TARDIS before something else went awry, the Doctor headed for the controls, ready to get going again.

"You want to go somewhere else already?" Jack huffed, amused, hands on his hips as he raised his eyebrow at the Doctor.

"Oh, he's like that all the time," Rose said dismissively as she flounced by. "Fancy a trip to Egypt to watch the pyramids being built?"

"I've been there," the Doctor scoffed as he got the TARDIS going again. "The movie was better." He ran around the console, pushing levers, hitting buttons, making the odd percussive adjustment when it wheezed and clanked. "How about DarNad? It's a lovely planet as long as you go before the carnivorous plants are in bloom."

"I know I haven't been with you guys long, but what I want to explore?" Jack put out his arms to gesture around him, as if stunned they hadn't thought of it already. "Is the TARDIS! Seriously, I haven't seen that much of it past my own bedroom and, well, your bedroom..." He gave Rose a wink then looked over to the Doctor and let out a lusty chuckle. "Oh, ho ho... And your bedroom... But I know there's more to it! There's got to be some rooms worth checking out. Hell, I'm not even sure where the laundry room is!"

"Hmm, that's a bit problematic," the Doctor said, tapping an index finger to his lips as if pondering the suggestion, his tone purposefully not making it clear if he was being serious or sarcastic. "The laundry room's only there on Thursdays."

"How about the wardrobe?" Rose piped up. "I've been wanting to spend some time going through the outfits in there. Racks and racks of all sorts of dresses and capes and crazy hats! We can find some interesting clothes and make where they came from our next destination!"

"Offer a woman the universe and she wants pretty dresses," the Doctor mock complained.

"Just for that," Rose smacked him on the arm as she headed for the hallway. "You're getting put in a corset."

"That I'd like to see," Jack mused, giving the Doctor an appreciative once over before trotting down the hall after Rose.

The Doctor finished setting the TARDIS then strolled after them, in good humor. "I think I'd look rather fetching in a corset actually..."


"What do you think about this?"

Rose paraded over to where Jack and the Doctor were changing clothes, modeling a long scarlet dress laced low across the back, baring a fair amount of skin.

"Lovely, but it laces up the front." The Doctor twirled a long finger to gesture her to turn around.

"Well, that way it wouldn't cover my tits!" she exclaimed, writhing as she tried to turn and look at her back.

"Some planets," the Doctor joked, discarding one shirt with a frown and plucking another from the rack to examine - forehead furrowed as he tried to figure out where exactly the arm and neck holes were, "they just have no morals."

"Sounds like my kind of planet," Jack snarked. "Suddenly I'm getting on board with this idea of picking where to go by what they wear." He wrestled his way out of a set of braces that had more in common with a tesseract than any pair he'd ever worn and pulled yet another rejected shirt over his head, tossing it on the rather large pile at his feet.

"Well, I appear to have come at the right time," Rose teased, her eyes going between the two shirtless men.

"Put that dress on properly and we'll be even," Jack taunted in return.

"I was just thinking we're not going anywhere soon if you two can't find outfits to wear..." The edges of her lips turned up, betraying the sly machinations of her mind. "There are other ways we could pass the time..."

"Yes, doing laundry," the Doctor groused, giving up on yet another shirt.

"Ah, but you said the laundry room is only there on Thursdays," Jack pointed out.

The Doctor picked up the pile of laundry next to Jack and plopped it in his arms.

"Trust me, this is a time machine, and that means it's Thursday somewhere..."

Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on December 15th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And thanks for giving my fic a shot!