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Emma DeMarais
05 November 2005 @ 03:27 pm
The Darkest Corners

I am fascinated by the human psyche and how it reacts to what society considers to be on the fringes of acceptability. My writings are designed to invoke responses from individuals and make them think about their reactions and preconceived notions, perhaps for the first time.

Why do certain topics turn our stomachs and other titillate? How is it possible that sometimes those things are one in the same? What is truly indecent and what appeal might the realm of indecency hold?

I welcome participation in and feedback on this journey into the darkest corners...


If you are a minor, do not look at any content on this site. Leave and don't come back until you are 18 or older (or whatever the age of majority is in your country if it's over 18).

If you are of age but consider yourself at all sensitive you may not enjoy reading much of what is published here. If it's objectionable, you may find it in my writings at some point. Assume you may find elements of homosexuality, incest, non-consensual acts, bizarre sexual practices, abusive behaviors, character death and deviance of all kinds. Yes, there is plenty of family friendly PG13 and under fic, but I do not want anyone to fall into complacency by reading it and moving on to the next fic without thoughtfully reading the headers first. Check the ratings. Realize they are there for a good reason.

If you are of age, open minded, not easily squicked and curious about the darker sides of human behavior give the site a try. You might not like what you read every time but hopefully it will always make you think.

I use and abuse characters who do not belong to me. I will make them do things their creators never intended and would probably disapprove of. I will never claim them as my own though. I claim only my own creative output and allow that the borrowed items belong to their respective copyright holders.

Consider yourself warned...

(Updated 5/5/08)