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Emma DeMarais
26 November 2005 @ 04:26 am
I've created a monster! I wrote Last Call and got asked for a prequel *and* a sequel. I've since written both, and the sequels keep on coming! I thought I'd create a post to track the series and keep it up to date with the links to each of the fic as they are published. I like this universe and will probably keep using it even after the series itself comes to a natural end (which has to happen at some point, right?). It's a useful shorthand to write a Don/Charlie fic from - a history to base their relationship on - so expect to see it crop up repeatedly over time.

Series Information - Last Call

Safety In Numb3rs - Prequel (Published)
Last Call - Main (Published)
Convergence and Divergence - Sequel (Published)
First Thoughts - Sequel (Published)
Magnet and Steel - Sequel (Published)
Being There - Sequel (Published)
Remembering - Sequel (Published)
Everything - Sequel (Published)
Turnabout - Sequel (Published)
Fair Play - Sequel (To Be Published)
When in Need - Sequel (To Be Published)
When in Doubt - Sequel (To Be Published)