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Emma DeMarais
05 January 2006 @ 11:54 pm
I wrote four stories in the Hanukkah Series for Hanukkah 2005, each corresponding to a different year in the history of the Eppes Family. I like the idea so much I might just add more to the series in the future even though Hanukkah's over, perhaps for Hanukkah 2006. As it stands only 2005's installment is D/C and truly deserving of the NC17 rating, the rest are totally innocuous.

Series Information - The Hanukkah Series

Hanukkah 1974: Best Present Ever (Published)
Hanukkah 1978: The Quiet Moments (Published)
Hanukkah 2004: The Empty Chair (Published)
Hanukkah 2005: The Thing About Penguins (Published)