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Emma DeMarais
14 February 2006 @ 11:37 pm
More than once recently a drabble has unexpectedly grown into something much larger.

Starting Something in Stockton started life as a drabble, but then inspiration flared up again and now it's five pages long. The fic it's a prequel to - Defensive Postures - is already six pages and it's just getting warmed up.

In the case of Off the Cuff it was the drabble called Distraction. You can actually go through and read the comments on that fic to see how the original 100 words got stretched into the full length fic that is Off the Cuff. (The difference in this case was that I'd already *published* Distraction. With Stockton, I'd not made it public yet and had time to go back and change it before it went live.)

Off the Cuff actually has almost all the lines from Distraction in its opening paragraphs. As such, the drabble Distraction isn't actually a proper part of the series, but since it started it all, I'm listing it as part of this group anyway. I figure it's the same universe, even if it's not a proper story in the sequence.

This universe has a lot of potential to grow over time, what with all the toys and all /grins/, but for now, this is all there is. I will come back and update this post as new installments are added.

Series Information - Off the Cuff

Distraction - Standalone (Published)
Off the Cuff - Main (Published)
Fire and Ice - Sequel (Published)