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Emma DeMarais
I enjoy challenges at fic comms and most of the time I do a fairly good job of staying within the parameters of the challenge. My drabbles are exactly 100 words. My entries at dialogue_500 are exactly 500 words. And my flash fic, is well... flash fic.

Until now.

I wrote what is now listed as the prologue to Conflict and Resolutions and tried to leave it at that.

My betas didn't buy it. ;-)

They asked for more. So I wrote more. A lot more. 24 pages to be exact.

Then one of them wanted Charlie's POV on the same story. Another 24 pages was written.

Now I have 48 pages of arguably some of my best work in the fandom.

Not very flash, but I am glad they made me keep going with this story. It's one I enjoy very much, especially the Charlie POV in Ash and Pines. For some reason Don/Charlie fic seems to be short on Hurt/Comfort themes so I went ahead and wrote the H/C fic *I* wanted to read.

At this time, I have no ideas for additional fic in this series/universe, but it's such an enjoyable one, I wouldn't rule it out for the future.

Series Information - Conflict and Resolutions

Conflict and Resolutions - Prologue - Standalone (Published)
Conflict and Resolutions - Main (Published)
Ash and Pines - Companion (Published)