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Emma DeMarais
25 July 2006 @ 11:06 pm
Wow, my first non-Numb3rs series! I'm just chuffed that I've finally gotten to this point.

I was a one fandom girl for so long, I wasn't sure if I could handle multiples. Now I'm writing a ton of fandoms. (Sorry folks, I've only published in two of them so far, but stay tuned for Criminal Minds, The Unit and more!)

I decided not to watch Supernatural when it premiered because it looked too horror movie inspired to me and I don't watch horror movies. Suspense? Thrillers? Mysteries? Love them. Horror? No way.

But so many of my Numb3rs friends here on LJ were SPN fans as well that I got sucked in. Clearly if they liked it there was something there. So I watched an episode. I found I wasn't totally annoyed by Jensen Ackles like I was on Smallville. So I watched a couple more. I started to get it. Then I caught some good mythology episodes and saw John for the first time. I'll be damned if JDM isn't completely magnetic on screen despite how little time he's on there.

From that point on I knew I had to write John.

Oh, and watch all the episodes I'd missed so I could start watching the new ones weekly.

So finally we get Shadow. Amazing episode and at the end my head is filled with not Sam and Dean, but John.

I wrote Nemesis Mine *knowing* from word one it would be a series.

It just took my muse bloody forever to deliver the second installment.

Hopefully the series will grow and it won't be superseded by Season 2 canon to the point where I have to abandon it. Regardless, I really enjoyed spending time in John's head.

Series Information – Nemesis Mine

Nemesis Mine - Main (Published)
Limbo - Sequel (Published)