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Emma DeMarais
My inaugural month as an official CM fic author and I have not one but two series to kick things off with. (Actually three, but I only have one fic done in the third series. For those of you new CM readers who've been reading my Confession posts and comments that would be my Charlie/Spencer fic which is called Like Minds. I just finished it and hope to have it posted next week.)

I was interested in the show back when it was just a pilot called Quantico. The cast seemed intriguing and the premise seemed like it might be successful in this crime hungry prime time environment network TV is embroiled in right now. It's been a number of years since the series Profiler was on the air and the time seemed ripe to focus on that aspect of law enforcement again.

I taped CM from the premiere on yet never seemed to have the time to watch my tapes. (House, Medium and Prison Break got the same treatment. I'm sure somewhere there's a box of unlabeled tapes that I may never watch since cough downloading is so much easier.) ;-)

A few of my LJ friends are CM fans as well so slowly but surely I got sucked in by the Garcia!Love and the Reid!Slash love. I was helpless to fend them off so now I write yet another fandom. (This is how I got sucked into Supernatural as well. Hehehe)

I'm almost done catching up on all of the Season 1 episodes, so hopefully I'll feel more confident about upping my number of fic once I have all the canon down cold.

For now, I took my first baby steps into the fandom by writing a crossover series. Numb3rs is my primary fandom so mixing Don and Charlie with Garcia – easily my favorite character since she's a computer geek like me - seemed like a given.

There's three fic planned for this series, but others could crop up over time. One never knows...

Series Information – A Quick Call

A Quick Call - Main (Published)
A Quick Query - Sequel (Published)
A Quick Game - Sequel (Published)