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Emma DeMarais
13 August 2006 @ 12:50 am
My first straight up CM Series! I hadn't really planned it this way, but Garcia and Morgan were just too good together to let it end after one short fic. Now I have a whole universe of them developing into a couple to explore.

I'm normally not a shipper at all. I think my only true ship ever was the quintessential one: Mulder/Scully. So I don't ship anyone on CM.

That being said, I like to write ships because people like to read them. I also like to write certain ships because they are enjoyable or a good challenge. I love the banter and the flirting that goes on between Garcia and Morgan on the show. I don't think anything would ever come of it in canon (well past the occasional chaste kiss), but it's fun to explore the possibilities however implausible they might be.

Note that I do not consider a pairing like Garcia/Morgan implausible in real life. Some men adore women who look like Garcia and yes, some of them are as hot as Morgan. I just think TV is *not* real life and if they pair anyone it will be two very attractive people who score well with their target demographic and yes, it will certainly be a het relationship. The network would flip their lid if they were approached with Reid, or even worse Gideon, coming out as gay. Me, I'd totally buy Elle or JJ being a lesbian, but I doubt the network would ever let that happen with an established female character on the show.

This series might stay open ended, mostly because I like the premise and the pairing. The main story arc – that begins in Hit and Miss – will eventually fade away and be replaced with more relationship and workplace oriented fic, but it does make for a good entre into this universe.

Series Information – Near Miss

Near Miss - Main (Published)
Hit and Miss - Sequel (Published)
Miss Understanding - Sequel (Published)
Missing Time - Sequel (Published)
Miss Information - Sequel (Published)