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Emma DeMarais
19 October 2006 @ 11:50 pm
This entire series was conceived and written as Author Reward Fic for numb3rs100. (I co-mod that community.)

We offered a Four for Fic promotion where any author publishing four or more drabbles in a month would get a custom written drabble as a reward.

Silly me, I didn't write a cap into the promotion. ;-)

Now dance_the_code has submitted over 75 drabbles and I have a series on my hands.

dance_the_code asked for Charlie/Ian with Ian protecting Charlie. She gave a lot of options, but I took the first which was protecting him from the mob. I used Backscatter as my initial premise and went from there. I chose Obshina since it means community in Russian and it's the name for the Chechen mob.

I may leave the series open ended, but the early fic set up the situation and bring Charlie and Ian together.

And when I say together... /winks/ Hey, I'm just writing what was requested. /evil grin/

Series Information – Obshina

Obshina - Main (Published)
Chechnya - Sequel (Published)
Hidden - Sequel (Published)
Panic - Sequel (Published)
Comfort - Sequel (Published)
Forget - Sequel (Published)
Forgetting - Sequel (Published)
Forgotten - Sequel (Published)
Verboten - Sequel (Published)
Secure - Sequel (Published)
Trap - Sequel (Published)
Bait - Sequel (Published)
Trust - Sequel (Published)
Want - Sequel (Published)
Heat - Sequel (Published)
Set - Sequel (Published)
Sprung - Sequel (Published)
Snared - Sequel (Published)
Over - Sequel (Published)
Close - Sequel (Published)