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Emma DeMarais
18 November 2006 @ 01:49 am
This entire series was conceived and written as Author Reward Fic for numb3rs100. (I co-mod that community.)

philleegirl earned this series through the Four for Fic promotion at the comm. There will be fourteen installments in total.

philleegirl wanted Larry/Megan and I offered her a car show bunny I'd had floating around since I wrote Shortest Road Trip Ever. She likes Studebakers so I took some orders and got researching so I could include certain models in the fic for her.

The series title, and basic premise, comes from the end of Longshot where Larry and Megan decide on their 'structured complexity' relationship arrangements. They decide they can have a monthly Wildcard event on top of their regular lunch and movie dates. Though I do think Megan would make her choices a bit more wild, I can see Larry suggesting this and Megan agreeing that this makes for an excellent bonus event for the two of them.

I normally write drabbles very quickly, but the element of research made this one slower. It's worth it though. It's nice to show Larry and Megan bonding over their love for fine automobiles. They make a sweet couple – odd, but sweet.

Series Information – Wildcard

Wildcard - Main (Published)
Plan of Action - Sequel (Published)
A Perfect Blend - Sequel (Published)
With or Without - Sequel (Published)
Happy as a Lark - Sequel (Published)