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Emma DeMarais
04 December 2006 @ 11:49 pm
While I don't really recall the initial impetus behind Five Nights, I do recall the canon associated with nightmares on the show.

Reid is troubled with nightmares in The Popular Kids and confides in Morgan who tells Gideon, much to his chagrin. We find out about Morgan's recurring nightmares as well in the same episode. At the end we learn about the photograph in Gideon's wallet – fodder I used for his nightmare.

The series was supposed to be done over the summer hiatus, but it took so long to write that I got to use Fisher King Part 2 canon in Elle's nightmare. (I at least published her installment before she left the show!)

I do recall liking the idea of bookends (not a surprise to my regular readers who see me use them often) of night and day. Nightmares, the prologue, was intended to be a very dark entree into the series and Daylight, the epilogue, was intended to show them coming out the other side, perhaps not unscathed, but still strong enough to put their fears aside and get back to work saving lives.

Series Information – Five Nights

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Five Nights - Jason - Main (Published)
Five Nights - Aaron - Companion (Published)
Five Nights - Derek - Companion (Published)
Five Nights - Elle - Companion (Published)
Five Nights - Spencer - Companion (Published)
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