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Emma DeMarais
26 December 2006 @ 01:47 am
This entire series was conceived and written for numb3rs100 prompts 1-31. I co-mod that community now, but when I first joined at prompt 32 I was just a new LJ author who wanted to try her hand at a drabble challenge. Flash forward and I've written every prompt since 32 – not missing a single weekly prompt in all this time. This series will be 31 installments long and will consist of a 100 word drabble for each prompt in order on the comm list so I can finally say that I've written every single prompt on the comm. I won't be the first one to claim that accomplishment, but it holds special meaning for me so I'm doing it.

Whether Numb3rs fans like or dislike Season 3, I still hear the same refrain. We all seem to wish the show still had the je ne sais quoi of Season 1, that thing that made us fall in love with the Brothers Eppes in UP and in Vector and in Sniper Zero.

I've been writing slash/cest for the fandom for over a year now and it hit me recently that in playing with the Numb3rs universe and bending it to my AU will with all this slash and such I purposefully divorced my version of the universe from what I originally loved about the show: the two brothers as brothers.

Sure, I understand now why people want to slash them, but once upon a time we loved them in canon as mere brothers – dysfunctional yet loving in ways we hadn't seen on TV arguably since Bonanza. A male dominated show filled with honest love and affection was an anomaly and we ate it up.

So I decided to go back to my roots and write straightforward gen fic about Don and Charlie focusing solely on their relationship as brothers.

Since we have canon starting from a year after Margaret's death I didn't want to fight with it. It occurred to me we have pretty much a full year to account for after her death and before Charlie started working with Don.

I can see the whole family being focused on her entirely until she passed, so I kind of figured I should wait until after the funeral for Don to essentially wake up and realize his mother was gone, but his brother was still here and he needed him.

So the Two Brothers Series is a journey of discovery, or rediscovery if you will, where Don and Charlie rekindle their relationship as brothers and grow to know and understand each other as adults after living apart since Charlie was 13.

I think it's time to fall in love with the Eppes brothers all over again...

Series Information – Two Brothers

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