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Emma DeMarais
02 July 2007 @ 11:55 pm
Holy shit! A Series based on Epiphany?

Where did *that* come from?

/looks genuinely perplexed/

And yet here it is... All blame credit goes to aslin. She asked for a sequel and I'll be damned if despite my protestations that Epiphany was and always would be a one shot, the muse gave her one.

Then another one.


aslin, would you mind asking my muse for a pony? I am dying to find out just *how much* she likes you. /grins/

So now I have places to take this story and the challenge of carrying on with a style that's not that conducive to actual storytelling. Heh.

Oddly, I really like where this is going and it is a side of Don/Billy I haven't explored much in other fic, so I think I will enjoy having this universe around.

And I learned my lesson.

Never assume that any fic is impossible to follow up with a sequel. ;-)

Series Information - Epiphany

Epiphany - Main (Published)
Truth - Sequel (Published)
Admission - Sequel (Published)
Question - Sequel (Published)
Statement - Sequel (Published)