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Emma DeMarais
12 July 2007 @ 11:58 pm
Another drabble series!

This one's far less disposable than my last one for N100. I mean, it's Don/Billy! Where's the bad there? Hehehe

El Paso - the series - was started on 6/30 and completely finished on 7/1. LOL! I had all my July drabbles written by the first of July! Ah, it's good to be mod and know all the prompts before anyone else... /grins/

I had some fun with this one, mostly because we normally have noun prompts at the comm and adjectives were a fresh way of looking at things.

I wanted a sweeps like middle (explosion!), some H/C (which we never seem to get in canon) and to end it with porn. /looks at list/ Hmm... Check, check and check. Done! Hee!

I spoiled the ending in advance, but honestly it's not like the ending was any surprise. Still, it's a fun one and I love writing Don and Billy together. Max Martini infused the role with so much personality in one single outing fic authors have been reveling in it ever since.

I wrote this with my lovely slashwife melissima in mind because she is the original Coop Slut and she had looked forward to having Billy as our character of the month for so long I wanted her to enjoy it.

I hope the rest of the Coop Sluts - and Don H0rs - do as well...

Series Information - El Paso

El Paso - Main (Published)
Fools Rush In - Sequel (Published)
A Shot in the Arm - Sequel (Published)
One Way - Sequel (Published)
Happiness is a Warm Pair of Handcuffs - Sequel (Published)