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Emma DeMarais
04 September 2007 @ 10:46 pm
So I used to avoid ficathons like the plague. Now I have a Thankgiving stuffed sense of overindulgence. Ugh. I ficced too much.

After turning in six long SPN fic for a ficathon early in the month, I was burned out. I literally ran out of gas for the first time since I started ficcing heavily in 2005. My brain protested at over 23K of fic in half a month and just shut down. It wasn't writer's block, it was 'Fire bad, tree pretty'.

But I still had four fic due for the Numb3rs Eppescest Summer Ficathon. /headdesk/ (That makes a total of *twelve* fic for that ficathon. I have truly gone off the deep end.)

So procrastinator that I am I left them until the last minute and had to cram them into the final four days of the month to get them in on time.

As expected, I wasn’t as happy with the results being rushed, but I did come to like this somewhat unusual tale and that made me kind of wish I'd put more effort into it. (Mea culpa to readers for not giving this series my full attention.)

Still, there are parts I like and once Season 4 starts I'll see if it tempts me into continuing this story line. As it stands I have no plans to write any more, but I learned my lesson with Epiphany: it's not always over when you think it's over.

But I think this series post is over... ;-)

Series Information - The Art of Subterfuge

The Art of Subterfuge - Main (Published)
Pressure Sway - Sequel (Published)
Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sequel (Published)
The Thudding of the Guns - Sequel (Published)