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Emma DeMarais
23 November 2007 @ 11:28 am
One of the great things about co-modding numb3rs100 (other than enjoying working with my lovely slashwife melissima) is not just knowing the prompts before anyone else, but getting to *pick* them, the Monthly Theme and the Challenge Character/Pairing each month.

I wish you could be a fly on the wall for our planning meetings. A lot of fun, analysis and even small reptiles go into each session. /grins/ (Not kidding about the small reptiles either!) As great as the comm is we keep trying to find ways to inspire and delight our authors whom we consider our most valuable resources. Supporting the fandom with fic is our mission, but we always understand ours is a supporting role and want to keep the spotlight firmly on the stars - those who write the wonderful fic our readers have been enjoying for over 130 weekly prompts now.

So when we came up with the idea for a month focused on Don's conquests AUSAs /winks/ and the legal side of the procedural equation we could have chosen Robin, Nadine, Alvin or Howard to be our lawyer du jour. Um, du mois. /grins/ We'd already done Don/Robin and pretty as Sarah Carter is she's not lawyer material IMHO (Shark not withstanding). The name Alvin Brickle alone just makes me crack up, so that left us with Howard.

Howard Meeks. God, poor Joshua Malina. His character name may not be as bad as Jeremy Sisto's, but Meeks? Why not just call him Clark Kent? ;-) (The Meeks shall inherit the earth! LOL)

But still, the more I thought of it the more I got into the idea. I had loved Vice!Howard so while Canon!Howard hadn't made *that* big of an impression I knew the actor was capable of more and that inspired me. I hoped that other people had seen and liked Joshua Malina in other shows and that might help people fic him.

And then I wrote Character Witness. I tell you I was *giddy* with delight after it was done. I think I must have read it like a half a dozen times in the first 24 hours alone. That's major. To be honest, you all like most of my fic way better than I do. I very rarely am proud of what I've written and only infrequently reread certain fic for pleasure. (The Conflict and Resolutions Series is an exception - I read that fairly often especially since I have a cheat file that merges the two into one document called - what else - CRAP. Hehehe) But this? I adored this Howard immediately. Suddenly I could see how people could enjoy writing him and based on the response to him being the November Challenge Character, I'd say plenty of people like writing Howard now. /smiles/

This Series will only be four fic long, to match the four prompts in November for N100, but if the muse bites, I might just throw in one or two more (Justice and Howard) so I can stretch out this glee just a little while longer...

Series Information - Character Witness

Character Witness - Main (Published)
Circumstantial Evidence - Sequel (Published)
Here Comes the Judge - Sequel (Published)
Guilty as Charged - Sequel (Published)