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Emma DeMarais
28 January 2008 @ 11:59 pm
Amazingly, being the pairings whore that I am, it took me *years* to finally write Charlie/Colby.

Clearly I missed the bandwagon on *that* ship. ;-)

I got hints of ChaCo during Primacy, but the fic I envisioned as a post-ep hasn't materialized. When Breaking Point came along I was game to write follow up fic, but my Don and Charlie idea wasn't getting me any words. So I figured why not take a look at Colby given that killing two people has to have an affect on him.

I wrote a fic and thought I was done. Then a light bulb went off. No, more like a klieg light. ;-)

I had Colby *and* Charlie and then my muse thwapped me upside the head with her ulterior motive: take the Don and Charlie hurt/comfort fic and meld it into the Charlie/Colby slash one.

Talk about out of left field. I swear sometimes my muse really blows me away with these things she comes up with. I totally didn't see that coming.

Now that I'm writing them I'm finding I like Charlie and Colby together. It may be sexless, their initial attraction, but I find that more genuine than just jumping each other out of the blue. This is a strongly canon oriented series so it makes sense to address canon relationships (Charlie/Amita and Colby/Simone) rather than just pretend they've been secretly gay for each other all along.

FWIW, in my head this is the Accidents Will Happen Series because it was that song that got me to write the first fic. As a rule my fic series are all named after the first fic - or main fic - in the series. Sadly in this case it means I ended up with a less than optimal series name, but since I like the name in my head I'm good. ;-)

I'm not sure how many fic will be in this series, but since all the fic titles are from the song lyrics I guess that makes it somewhat finite, doesn't it? Hehehe

Series Information - Not the Only One

Not the Only One - Main (Published)
Where to Begin - Sequel (Published)
The Damage That We Do - Sequel (Published)
Scare Me So - Sequel (Published)
Hit and Run - Sequel (Published)
Mind Is Made Up - Sequel (Published)
Can't Go Home - Sequel (Published)
Chaperone - Sequel (Published)
Now or Never - Sequel (Published)
Don't Want to Hear It - Sequel (Published)
Used to be a Victim - Sequel (Published)
Just Don't Know - Sequel (Published)
Never Know - Sequel (Published)
The Words That We Don't Say - Sequel (Published)
What I've Done - Sequel (Published)
Rise Up - Sequel (Published)
Check Up On - Sequel (Published)
Without - Sequel (Published)
Champion - Sequel (Published)
Fish in the Sea - Sequel (Published)
People to See - Sequel (Published)
Hanging On - Sequel (Published)