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Emma DeMarais
24 February 2008 @ 05:20 pm
I support reusing and recycling, so I'm pasting this explanation of the In Time of Need Series from the first Confession post, which was pasted from an email to some of my betas. /grins/

"A series of disconnected fic called In Time of Need. It would be odd pairings of mostly Don's team being there for each other, usually in terms of sex, in one off situations. The first would be Don/Megan after the explosion in which Megan lost an agent under her command. Comfort!sex for one night follows. It could also involve Cal Sci too like Charlie crawling into bed with Larry for some decidedly nonsexual holding while he cries over his mother's death or Colby helping Amita through post-Primacy nightmares she doesn't want Charlie to know she has.

It would be a series in name and theme only and I'm not even sure about the name. I regretted making Never Tell in three parts when it really is three totally disconnected stories. I normally make the first fic's name the series name, but I don't want people to think this is all one universe. So do I give them sub names? In Times of Need: Explosion? Gah! I hate being so anal sometimes."

I really hadn't planned for the fic to be more than one offs, but then I wrote the second, which demanded - in some perverse way - an answering fic in the third. (Okay, so sororcula kind of talked me into it, but for that story you have to read the Confession post on Payback. :-P)

I may not write many of these, but I like the idea of having this series/not series open-ended in case we get more canon characters that I can make odd pairings out of. Because you know me and pairings. Hehehe

ETA: I'm adding a list of the pairings in each fic here for reference.

Release - Don/Megan
Revenge - David/Liz
Payback - Don/David
Company - Colby/Liz

In Time of Need: Release - Standalone (Published)
In Time of Need: Revenge - Main (Published)
In Time of Need: Payback - Sequel to Revenge (Published)
In Time of Need: Company - Standalone (Published)