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Emma DeMarais
(Note: If you haven't read the first fic in the series yet GO DO IT NOW! You won't be happy if I spoil it for you, trust me, and there are MAJOR spoilers for the first fic in this post.)

Oh, I *knew* I was going to regret that title as soon as I picked it.


Because I am eccentric, all of my series are named exactly the same as the first fic in the series, or rather the main fic in the series. (For example Starting Something in Stockton came first, but it's a prequel to the main fic Defensive Postures.) So when this intended one shot turned into a series I was stuck with an unwieldy title. Argh.

I normally know titles before I start writing fic, but the first story in this series popped out in about ten minutes when I was already half dozing from sleeping pills after midnight. I was too tired to think of a name so I just went to bed. I was still pretty uninspired the next morning, but I wanted to post the fic so I just slapped a title on it that helped set up the scenario along with the summary and didn't think more of it.

And then the sequel requests started coming in. Man, I should have seen that coming. Can't have Charlie KILL A MAN then just walk away.

(I don't mean Charlie walking away, I mean *me* walking away! Readers would never let me! Hehehe)

So I sat down with the list of N100 prompts for March (Bwahahaha! It's good to be mod!) and wrote the next four fic in the series, completing it all in well under 24 hours.

The four sequels didn't flow as nicely as the first and they were by no means exactly 100 words on the first/only draft like the original, but hey - I'm human (when I last checked). /grins/

The first four are very close in time and the fifth is kind of an epilogue. Readers may not find it that satisfying, but I needed to close this off briskly if this was to be a series using just March's N100 prompts.

If people want a more in depth study of the aftereffects of Charlie having killed a man I think I need to craft a new universe for that.

One that gives me FAR more than 100 words at a time to work with... ;-)

Series Information - Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun

Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun - Main (Published)
.22 Caliber - Sequel (Published)
An Act of Devotion - Sequel (Published)
Forgive and Forget - Sequel (Published)
Unbreakable - Sequel (Published)