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Emma DeMarais
28 June 2008 @ 06:29 pm
This is another drabble series concocted to go along with a single month's worth of prompts at numb3rs100, this time June 2008.

So why does the fic say 1964?

I thought about just making a 'David gets jumped in an alley' fic in present day, but I really wanted a fresher spin on it - a more interesting angle. The theme for the month was violence and the character was villains, so bad guys and a beat down were already on the menu.

What I did want to feature though was a racial angle. Diane Farr is supposedly writing a book on mixed race relationships (something I am very interested in, especially mixed race children) so the topic has been in my head. I thought I should try an AU - make David not a federal agent and then it hit me. I remembered the stories of the civil rights workers who were killed in the South in 1964 and the murder of Medgar Evers which gave me my time and place. I figured I could make David a fairly middle class type guy who happens to work with the NAACP, which would make him a good target: someone the klansmen might consider a serious threat to their way of life and someone they would think needed to be taught a lesson. /shudder/

That was such a volatile time in American history and people tend to conveniently forget that it wasn't quite so long ago. Gay marriage just became legal in California, but I have a friend - younger than I - whose parents had to go to Mexico to get married because they couldn't find anyone who would marry a black man and a Hispanic woman. I saw racism first hand when I dated men of color and since many of my friends aren't white and many are in mixed race relationships (some with kids) it felt right to make sure this topic doesn't die too far down. Everyone's so busy trying to make out that race doesn't matter in the presidential election (which IMHO it doesn't) that it's important not to forget that there are people to whom it matters so much that violence and discrimination are the outcome.

So reminding people of how bad it was, that these people still exist and that the fight is far from over? Not a bad goal for a little five part drabble series...

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