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Emma DeMarais
27 October 2008 @ 09:55 pm
Like many people in the fandom I've perked right up at Season 5 and developed a reinvigorated interest in canon. (Yay Ken Sanzel! If anyone thought showrunners didn't matter? Guess again!)

With that interest, comes a desire for the inevitable post-ep fic.

I've still got bunnies for the premiere I haven't written, but out of the blue - following Blowback - I got hit with a craving. Like chocolate level, only worse. I can buy chocolate. I can't make TPTB give me Don and Charlie in a room sharing their brotherly love for each other out in the open.

But I can fic.

So I did.

And wow, I guess I wasn't the only one with a craving! The comments exploded and suddenly the bunny came for a second fic. Then a third. Then Friday came around again and I figured I'd get jossed so I stopped. Okay, it was more I'd finally sated all my jones for Eppeses. ;-) (And yay for a canon, albeit, manly hug to echo the one I wrote!)

At the moment I have no more plans to write in this universe although with new canon I might decide to revive it. More likely I'd start a new post-ep series based on fresh canon, but I kind of have a dear place in my heart for this one. I can't recall getting shocked by an avalanche of comments like I had in those three days since Honey and Roses (my one sole honest to god blockbuster hit in the world of LJ fic comments).

So thank you to everyone who read, commented, encouraged and evilly enabled ;-) me to write this series. It fulfilled me in ways the show hadn't quite managed and your response to it fulfilled me in ways I'd never anticipated.

Series Information - Only One Brother

Only One Brother - Main (Published)
Please Don't Forget to Pay the Debt - Sequel (Published)
The Fighting Eppes Brothers - Sequel (Published)