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Emma DeMarais
07 February 2009 @ 09:55 am
Long planned, long delayed and now taking a long time to get updated... Not an auspicious beginning for such an ambitious undertaking, but you have to forgive Complicated. It grew up in the shadow of its much larger brother Vice and it never quite got over taking a back seat to an epic. ;-)

I started the series when I wrote Complicated 1 in January of 2008, fully intending on it being my big drabble series of the year, what with it encompassing the first 100 prompts at N100. (The idea was, since I'd already done all of the prompts, I'd do a second pass with the added challenge of fitting them into a single series. Yes, I'm apparently a drabble addict. Deal with it. /grins/) Only Complicated kept getting pushed back as I was afraid it would get lost since it was planned to be posted in installments over time, same as Vice.

Even after Vice ended, there always seemed to be another fic project that stole my attention away. Then there were excuses like NaNo and suddenly December came and I felt like it was put up or shut up time - publish or allow Complicated to wait a full year before seeing the light of day.

So 1, 2 and 3 were published on December 1, 2, and 3 in 2008. (I like my symmetry!)

FWIW, these are not chapters in a fic, these installments, but standalone fic in a series - each one (past the first for now) made up of five drabbles in one post. Normally these would all be named individually, but I honestly was daunted by the prospect of coming up with that many names and I like calling it Complicated (it is!) ergo the numbering convention. It did mean I had to break with my tradition of naming the series after the first fic in the series, but I don't think dropping the 1 qualifies as an actual break with that tradition except in the most anal sense. ;-)

While writing 2 and 3 I managed to overstep my bounds a little. Before I'd realized it, I'd used prompt 101, thus dooming myself to another 100 prompts in the series. /headdesk/ So instead of around 20 fic in the series, I'm now looking at like 40. /headslam/

Damn, this better be a good long series.

As for what it's about? Imagine Don and Kim if they reconciled after Albuquerque at some point. (Picture them picking back up maybe a few months after Counterfeit Reality so it's post Man Hunt as well.) In this AU, Kim returns to the FBI after working the Secret Service, or if you like, CR never happened and she never left the Bureau. It's moot to me. I have no plans to go into their backstory really. Suffice to say, they reconciled, got engaged (again) and are not exactly on a fast track to get married.

Now Don and Billy... That's where it gets complicated. /grins/ They had a thing during Fugitive Recovery, which Billy ended for reasons not clear at this juncture. Billy regrets this and has lived with said regret for years. He finally decides Don is who he wants and being Billy, rather than say something he just up and moves to LA to be near Don.

Don is now torn between the man he loved in quiet and left him and the fiancée who represents what everyone expects of him. He loves them both so this isn't easy for him. He moved on after Billy left him, but that doesn't mean there aren't still feelings simmering underneath, a fire that never extinguished entirely.

As a bonus, I have a secondary plot with Charlie and the NSA. I adore Charlie NSA fic so this seemed a good way to have my love triangle cake and eat farey slices of oranges too. Hehehe

The story is good and tense throughout from 1 on so put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride...

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