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Emma DeMarais
11 February 2009 @ 11:59 pm
Thanks to the lovely penguingal's recent drabble series February, which uses all of N100's prompts for December (ironically), I realized it's bean a long time since I wrote a month's worth of N100 prompts as a series.

A really long time - like over six months!

I last did it in June of 2008, so it was high time I did it again. Ergo me writing one of the challenge pairings: Charlie/Billy.

This is one of my little experiments - me trying to stretch outside of my comfort zone to write in a style that's not fluid and natural to me, something I have to work harder for. (And hey! Porn and science! Why not try pairing them up in this fandom?) Even if I've written better Charlie/Billy (Hotel Royale is probably the best porn and Safe Harbor the best relationship for these two) I liked the idea of writing them with these prompts.

The hardest part might just be stopping after four fic... ;-)

Series Information - Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics - Main (Published)
Thermal Conduction - Sequel (Published)
Thermal Bridge - Sequel (Published)
Thermal Break - Sequel (Published)