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Emma DeMarais
17 February 2009 @ 08:17 pm
Once upon a time I promised a birthday fic to my new beta Mel (who that long ago went by an earlier name).

While this story does have a happy ending, it certainly took long enough to get there!

Here's the long and winding road...

Mel gave me her request: Don/Charlie and self-defense/wrestling/frottage.
I started work on Defensive Postures in early February 2006.
It got long. I got nervous about getting it done in time. I wrote a 100 word drabble as an interim gift.
I published the drabble on her birthday 2/12/06.
Someone snuck behind my back and sprinkled porn fairy dust muse fertilizer on the drabble.
The drabble grew. AFTER PUBLICATION. It became a flash fic.
I threw up my hands.
Mel was delighted.
Months passed. I finally finished a first draft of DP in July 2006. It went to Mel for beta.
Here is where we differ. She blames herself for not turning around the beta (and the USPS a bit, but we won't go there) and I take the blame for taking so long to get the fic edited and polished and published.
Once again, because I am lame and publish my best fic in December when no one is reading LJ, DP got published in December... 2007. (It was the *last* fic published that year so it *barely* got out in 2007 as it was!) /headdesk/

So yeah, two years later I deliver, but hey! It's a really good fic so I can't feel too bad. And in 2008? She got Safe Harbor which is a *really* good fic. (Okay, so that one was late too and also unfortunately published in December when no one was looking. Argh!)

The moral of the story? Get your gift fic done on time and they won't languish unread in December! ;-)

So here's hoping there will be more in this series and that it will be published any month that is NOT December...

Series Information - Defensive Postures

Starting Something in Stockton - Prequel (Published)
Defensive Postures - Main (Published)