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Emma DeMarais
22 February 2009 @ 05:51 pm
So here's the thing... I write hundreds of family friendly gen fic.

And I write porn. Mostly gay porn.

Hello world, I am an anomaly! Hehehe

Sadly, I rarely find any of my porn hot. Doesn't matter if it's het, slash or cest, if I wrote it it lacks the requisite surprise factor that I think I need in order to really feel the heat, you know? I'm too familiar with it since I was there before it even got written and it's no longer something I can discover like readers do.

And then there was Clean Slate.

Damn, that was hot. Still is. For the first time I thought my own porn was smoking hot and not just good.

I hadn't really intended to make it a series. I had just asked in n3_slashchat for pairing suggestions (being the pairings whore I am) and when mercilynn suggested Billy/Colby my brain went splodey at the potential hotness.

The neat thing was, even though I went into it for the porn? I could see the seeds of a real relationship there and I liked that. They both needed something and the other was oddly uniquely able to offer it.

So the sequel A Hearty Breakfast was born and then the idea to follow it up with the aftermath of Billy's case - the little girl he'd rescued.

I can't say how far this will go, but I like these two together and am planning on leaving this pretty open ended in case they keep wanting to come back to me. /hopes/

Series Information - Clean Slate

Clean Slate - Main (Published)
A Hearty Breakfast - Sequel (Published)