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Emma DeMarais
25 May 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Until I wrote Thermodynamics in February it had been over six months since I made a drabble series out of a month's worth of prompts at N100.

This month? The prompts just screamed for a series.

The initial idea for Danger month had been Sweeps: explosions, firefights, car chases and crashes, big time hurt/comfort. So my series had to have big melodramatic elements in it, but I also wanted to keep it brief and snappy. Rather than do one 100 word drabble per - which would have been very limiting - I chose to do three 100 word sections within each 300 word drabble, each from a different POV. I liked the tiny slices of the action each sliver of POV gave and how you needed all of them to get the full story.

The only down side? I had to make people wait until each prompt was announced at the comm before I could publish them!

So forgive me for all the cliffies, but this series wouldn't have been half as fun without all the tension and drama. I had to write it like that; the prompts were just calling for it.

Besides, I'm evil... ;-)

FWIW I had a hard time titling this, but once I decided on Bait and Switch I thought it would be fun to do all this and that titles. Duck and Cover fit Don's situation, Divide and Conquer suited David's strategy (and as a bonus matched not only Duck and Cover with D and C initials it matched David and Colby's - the two divided sides - initials) and finally Truth and Consequences. I really wanted the last installment to be titled Truth and Justice, but /headdesk/ I already had a fic by that name! (With 500+ Numb3rs fic and about 200 in other fandoms and crossovers I certainly have to check sometimes to make sure I haven't used a name already!)

Even though I wrote this series with a push from ladygray99 to make Don a target because he was Jewish, it kind of hasn't sated that bunny. I almost feel a need to write a longer piece exploring this idea, perhaps bringing the entire Eppes family into it - at least Charlie. Hmm... We'll have to see if this grows or goes away with time...

Series Information - Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch - Main (Published)
Duck and Cover - Sequel (Published)
Divide and Conquer - Sequel (Published)
Truth and Consequences - Sequel (Published)