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Emma DeMarais
29 May 2009 @ 11:59 pm
Now this is a series that could use a good deal of explanation.

After writing a ton of Don/Charlie I kind of burned out and took a break of about six months. My not exactly triumphant return was pretty much the Addiction Series and the Devolution Series: both extremely angsty and fairly epic in their scope.

This series was intended to follow Don and Charlie's relationship year by year in installments starting when they are both seniors in high school and going up to present day - skipping over the years Don was away in the FBI before returning to LA.

Here's the difficult part: Each year installment is organized as Don POV bookends, with a Charlie POV flashback in the middle, only much of the time that flashback flashes back to a previous year. The Don POV bookends are usually the same scene split or at least the same situation split into the start and then picking it up later.

Yeah, not the simplest setup. Sometimes I adore my muse. Other times she gives me a headache. /headdesk/

I figured I made a cheat sheet for myself, I should share it with readers so they can keep at least some track of where this thing is and where it's going. (Yes, my real cheat sheet is way more complex, but I didn't want your heads to explode so this is just the simplified version.)

Fic Title and Year Covered

Devolution - 1988
Depression - 1989
Disappearance - 1990
Damage - 1991
Distance - 1992
Defiance - 1993
Detente - 1994
Decadence - 1995
(1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 - Don away in FBI)
Disturbance - 2002
Difficulties - 2003
Despair - 2004
Destruction - 2005
Defenses - 2006
Denouement - 2007

I may continue the series past that; it's likely there will be at least a 2008 fic even though the main conflict between them will be resolved in Denouement (thus the name). And yes, every title is related to the content of that installment. It's not just all D words randomly. ;-)

Since we have crappy canon on ages I'm working off the idea that Charlie is 13 and Don is 18 when the fic begins in summer 1988 (though Don is 17 in the flashback section).

About the format... My Not the Only One Series is written in 3 page installments to keep each story short and brisk and the series moving so I figured I'd steal that format for Devolution: shorter stories and more of them. I'm not as anal about the length of these, but I am trying to keep in the 3-4 page range for each installment.

About the title... Me liking Devo (the band) aside, I kind of liked the idea of their relationship deteriorating so drastically in the first installment that that meaning of the word fits, but also that by the end of the fic they've devolved back to where they started: one brother so upset about his feelings for the other, he wants to do something drastic over it. In a way, the series itself is a kind of devolution back to the early shame fic of the 2005 era, when cest was new in the fandom. I got into writing cest at the end of 2005 so I missed that golden summer where all the classics were published. I always enjoyed them so I figured why not bring them back to enjoy. Sure, their heyday has passed, but that doesn't mean they can't be good stories - just not the freshest of ideas. I just hope this constitutes a fresh enough application of them to warrant so many fic.

Series Information - Devolution

Devolution - Main (Published)
Depression - Sequel (Published)
Disappearance - Sequel (Published)
Damage - Sequel (Published)
Distance - Sequel (Published)
Defiance - Sequel (Published)
Detente - Sequel (Published)
Decadence - Sequel (Published)
Disturbance - Sequel (To Be Published)
Difficulties - Sequel (To Be Published)
Despair - Sequel (To Be Published)
Destruction - Sequel (To Be Published)
Defenses - Sequel (To Be Published)
Denouement - Sequel (To Be Published)