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Emma DeMarais
15 June 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Only I would decide to write a cestfic drabble series that cestficcers wouldn't actually enjoy reading - mostly because it has almost no cest in it!


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I have a history of writing stories I find compelling even if they're in no way popular. I don't cater to the masses who want loads of Charlie/Colby schmoop and I know my readership suffers for it, but I'd rather write challenging fic than be fawned over for writing something that means absolutely nothing to me or worse, makes my teeth hurt. /has a bad saccharine allergy/ ;-)

So given the Marriage month prompts at N100 what do I do but decide to write a cestfic series. And then I mess with it by de-cesting it and adding a ton of het. And then I throw on boatloads of angst for good measure. Throw in the ending and this will probably wind up with my least popular series to date.

Still, I'm glad I did it if only for the fact that it's what I felt for the prompts. It's a dark and hurtful tale where no one gets to truly live happily ever after, but sometimes that's how life is.

At least do yourself the favor of listening to the song that inspired the title of the series. The Dream Academy's fairly well known (back in the day) hit song Life in a Northern Town may be poignant and bittersweet yet The Love Parade is wistful and heartbreaking in a totally different way, but just as gorgeous.

So you sold your soul for a pocket full of sweet talk
Forget-me-not kisses at the end of a slow walk
And when it's done you put your world back on
'Cause she's otherwise engaged - married to someone

Oh the irony of being separated from the one you love by marriage - to someone else...

Series Information - Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged - Main (Published)
A Quiet Ceremony - Sequel (Published)
An Icy Reception - Sequel (Published)
When the Honeymoon's Over - Sequel (Published)
Lawful Wedded Husband - Sequel (Published)