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Emma DeMarais
Okay, all of about two people are going to care about this series, but a series it is, ergo this series post for it.

Billy/OFC. Now there's a tough sell.

Normally I can't raise much of any interest in OFC het fic. Not that I read a lot of fic to begin with, but I write a lot and it's even hard to get my interest going there. But for whatever reason once I got this idea into my head - that Billy should unexpectedly find the love of his life back home in Las Vegas - it took root in dangerous fashion. It's now an incredibly detailed universe in my head. I've got tons of it - how they met, what they were like flirting, all about her work and her career, his parents and their backstory. Gah! Do not want! The last thing I need is a universe as detailed as say Wilderness Bound, but with a pairing almost no one save my slashwife will really adore. Yet I've got it so there you go. No fighting the muse apparently. /shakes head/

As if that was bad enough, here's the really annoying part - for anal me anyway.

I'm a stickler for naming my series after the first fic in the series, right? (Which is normally the main fic in the series as well - though once in a while I indulge in a prequel.) So here I am with my first fic being pretty much last in the series, then writing one in the middle second. The main fic, which in my head is called Not Leaving Las Vegas because I'm too anal to call it (Not) Leaving Las Vegas, remains to be written yet it's going to be the one the series is named after. /headdesk/

I can't guarantee how much I will write of this expansive universe in my head, but I'm good for at least a Rewind Series and, I hope, the main fic at the very least. I consider anything else gravy, but since I'm leaving it open ended who knows what I might add in the future.

After all, it's not every universe that has Billy Cooper and toddlers. ;-)

Series Information - Not Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas - Prequel (Published)
Four First Dates - Prequel (Published)
Not Leaving Las Vegas - Future Main (To Be Published)
Come Full Circle - Sequel (Published)
A Family Man's Homecoming - Currently Main, Eventually Sequel (Published)