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Emma DeMarais
01 October 2009 @ 11:50 am
So I've been thinking a lot about whumping Colby. Wait, that's how I started my last Series post. /grins/ Anyway, thoughts of whumping anyone in the Numb3rs universe tend to beget thoughts of whumping other people. I knew I wanted to do a series with the September prompts at N100, but I wasn't sure who I should write. I'm not entirely certain, but I think I might have been influenced by my slash ficathon fic wherein I reversed Alan and Margaret - giving Alan the cancer that claimed Margaret's life and letting Margaret live instead. Apparently thinking about a woman with cancer was enough for me to decide that I should give Megan cancer so Larry could comfort her. That or rewatching Power, with its great Megan/Larry scene at her apartment, when it came on TNT the first week Numb3rs was in syndication. There's so little Megan/Larry in the fandom now that Diane's gone from the show, but I liked the idea of this attempt to keep that pairing alive with a happy ending story.

I enjoyed inserting canon where I could in this series. I liked using the information about Megan's parents being 'social register' types and living in New York. There are some lovely estates upstate so I can see her retiring there for her convalescence rather than the family's posh NYC digs. Even the Respighi CD is canon as is the term terpsichorean, utilized (by Larry of course) when he first asked Megan out.

I also liked trying to fit in a bit of cosmological imagery in each piece. Metaphor/imagery/descriptive writing isn't my forte, but I still like to give it the old college try. /grins/

I have some small hope that at least one person who reads this series will, by doing so, get introduced to the wonderful Joe Jackson song Breaking Us in Two. It's truly a lovely song and a nice video to boot. He has other songs worth checking out (Steppin' Out, Is She Really Going Out With Him?, You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want), I'm the Man, Sunday Papers) but that one has always hit me where I live, you know? I think if people give it a chance they'll feel it too and making people feel is one of the primary reasons music is so important to modern life.

Series Information - Regret to Inform

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Fragile Creatures - Sequel (Published)
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