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Emma DeMarais
04 October 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Now my status as a pairings whore is rather well documented. (If you don't believe me, check my memories where all my fic has been organized by pairing.) What's also well documented is my slashwife Melissima's fave actor from the Numb3rs universe: Max Martini aka Agent Billy Cooper from the Season 1 episode Man Hunt. The quintessential Coop!slut, no one matches her for the Max love. We jokingly refer to him as her TV boyfriend.

The thing is, she also has a TV girlfriend: Christina Cox. And it just so happens she was also in the Numb3rs universe and also in Man Hunt as CHP Officer Morris, the accident investigator who works on the accident math with Charlie. What are the odds? TV boyfriend and TV girlfriend both guest starring in the same episode of her favorite show? The only thing that saved the universe from imploding from squeeage was the fact that - amazingly - they shared ZERO screen time. O.o WTF? They're working the same case and they're not even in a group shot together? /mind boggles/

So for her birthday this year I wrote her Caffeine - a way to put the two of them together to make up for the canon she was lacking. Surprisingly, people liked it. Enough that I got poked for a sequel and thus Morphine was born.

Unfortunately Morphine is a pretty big jump ahead in the Caffeine universe. They go from meeting to established couple about to settle down in two fic. You know what that tells me? I have to write more fic to fill in the time in between. /headdesk/

So far the theme is to name the fic after drug substances. We'll see how long I can keep that up. It may be awkward, but anyone who knows me, knows I like a challenge.

MM and CC? Bring it. There's no bad here. /grins/

Series Information - Caffeine

Caffeine - Main (Published)
Adrenaline: The Bike - Sequel (Published)
Adrenaline: The Ride - Sequel (To Be Published)
Adrenaline: The Field - Sequel (To Be Published)
Anandamide: The Art - Sequel (Published)
Anandamide: The Science - Sequel (To Be Published)
Anandamide: The Sex - Sequel (To Be Published)
Morphine - Sequel (Published)