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Emma DeMarais
05 October 2009 @ 11:58 pm
Note: Please see magisterequitum's Wavering Lights Master Post for information on her universe, which I am only borrowing to write in.

I suppose the grand total of three of you who might be reading this post are asking yourself with all the fic Emma writes, why would she choose to write in someone else's universe?

Those of you who've taken a look at the WL universe and not read it because you saw it was OC based probably are wondering why I'd choose to write in a universe based on OCs.

The short answer to both? Because the universe is really good.

I know a bunch of people avoid OC oriented stories. To be blunt? Get over it. This universe is not a bunch of crappy Mary Sue characters with a boatload of wish fulfillment, it's the absolute best envisioning of the future of the Eppes family I've read. The traits we love in our favorite Numb3rs characters? They live on in their children. So the elusive mysterious glib bad boy Ian Edgerton has a son Caleb who embodies many of his father's key characteristics, but still has his own spin on things. Don and Robin's daughter Cordelia is as driven as her father, goes to Harvard like her mother and yet still has her own personality, buoyed by the traditional Eppes stubbornness and intense family loyalty.

I'm about as anti-OFC as they come in general (I have a pretty severe Mary Sue allergy so I don't take chances often), yet I'm often first in line asking for more Deleb (Caleb/Cordelia aka Delia). That's a sign that the author's done a good job of creating real interesting and compelling characters who can stand on their own without their canon parents.

And yet, I fell in love with the canon parents. I adore her Daddy!Don something fierce. If you love Don looking after little brother Charlie then imagine how great he'd be with his daughter on her wedding day just before he walks her down the aisle. /swoons/ So I decided I'd very much like to write magisterequitum's Don and Robin as parents even though I already have plenty of my own Don/Robin fic. There's just something wonderful about her Don and Robin, their family, their relationship, that's so rich and fulfilling I just really wanted to be a part of it. And gracious as she is, she gave me permission to write them.

I have no idea how much fic I will write in this universe, but I am making this series post to track it and in the hopes it will get more of you to give her universe a shot. It's worth it.

Series Information - Wavering Lights

magisterequitum's Wavering Lights Master Post and Character Profiles

Emma's Fic in the Wavering Lights Universe

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