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Emma DeMarais
02 November 2009 @ 07:24 pm
From time to time, on this LJ, I commit random acts of porn in fic.

Sometimes they're forgettable, but sometimes *cough*Clean Slate*cough* they rise up and grab people's attention so much that even I'm overwhelmed by the response.

Such was the case with Jet Black.

I like supporting my friends who run pairing specific comms when they run challenges because, due to me despising writing up headers with a fiery passion, I don't crosspost my fic around. But I do try to write for their challenges when I can. This fic was written for the Silk challenge at ian_nikki, which is run by the ever friendly mustangcandi.

Candi, very wisely, set up her comm to allow gen and het *and* slash (in the form of het/slash since Ian/Nikki is required in non-gen fic) so I set about to write het/slash (Ian/Nikki/Charlie) for her comm. I'm very proud that Jet Black was the first het/slash on the comm and with the sequel Dodger Blue (Ian/Nikki/Charlie/Don) I'm set to be the first cest there as well. Yay for tolerance! /extra cookies to Candi/

FWIW Dodger Blue has got exceedingly minimal cest activity in it (think plausible deniability) so it shouldn't be a problem to read for non-cesters. I'm keeping this universe open past Dodger Blue so some actual cest might occur in the future, but for now I think three different couplings and a threesome/pseudo-foursome is enough for one sequel. /big grin/

I confess the sole inspiration I have for this universe to continue is a visual of a dinner party. Three couples: Don and Robin, Ian and Nikki and Charlie and Amita sitting down to dinner at Nikki's. When the meal's done, Robin gets up, walks to the other side of the table, and kisses Amita while everyone else watches.

Oh yeah. There will be sequels…

Series Information - Jet Black

Jet Black - Main (Published)
Dodger Blue - Sequel (Published)
Merlot Red Part 1/Part 2 - Sequel (Published)