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Emma DeMarais
27 November 2009 @ 03:54 pm
Okay, let me state - up front and for the record - that I have friends who are bad influences on me.

They make me write vampire fic - for Numb3rs. /hangs head/

A very long time ago the lovely byrons_brain asked me for Numb3rs vampire fic. I resisted. And resisted. And then I felt bad for not writing her anything and caved. Thus Waking World - a short fic, a rare M/M/M fic, containing not one, not two but THREE Numb3rs men as vampires. Clearly I was trying to make up for lost time. ;-)

Unfortunately that begged the question: how did each of them get turned? /headdesk/

So for Mel's annual Halloween Challenge I dredged up that universe and decided to tell the story of how Don got turned.

Of course that was in the middle and only showed how he died and now how he woke up a vampire, so now I need to write Ian dying/getting turned, Ian waking up a vampire with his sire, Don waking up a vampire with Don and Charlie dying/getting turned - and that's the minimum! I probably need at least one where Don decides he can't live his unlife without Charlie yet needs to find a way to turn Charlie less publicly (Ian was able to hide his death, Don wasn't) so that he can go on being a part of the world.

No idea when these fic are going to get written, but hey, there's always Halloween!

Series Information - Waking World

Dying to Live - Prequel (Published)
Waking World - Main (Published)