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Emma DeMarais
You know, Numb3rs and Firefly didn't seem to be good fandoms to crossover at first.

At first.

And to be honest, they aren't. They take place hundreds of years apart in time which means, well, everyone on Numb3rs would be dead. That would make a crossover seriously difficult. (Of course Amita or Charlie could upload their genius brains into a supercomputer or I could reincarnate Charlie as Mr. Universe… Hehehe)

But the thing is, they ended up be a lot of fun to write as fusion fic instead of as a crossover.

Don and his team as Browncoats? Hell yeah!

I actually kind of got into the idea, writing Constant Companion as well (a novella where Don works for the Alliance police and Charlie is a Companion and they are not brothers). I hadn't planned for Across the Universe to be, well, a universe, but I had so much fun writing it and talking about the universe in n3_slashchat that I decided to keep it around to play with. That I could use it for drabbling as well? Bonus!

So who knows how many fic this will grow to? I just know it's fun and it deserves a chance to spread its wings and fly. (You can't take the sky from me…)

Series Information – Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Main (Published)
The Craftsman 2 - Sequel (Published)