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Emma DeMarais

Yeah, I think that kind of sums up the appeal of this series right there. Hehehe

I hadn't planned on turning this into a series, but so many people liked the first fic - myself included - that when I got a bunny in that universe later for a second drabble I didn't fight it.

This series is just unusual in that it's a very rare drabble series that's *not* oriented towards a single month's worth of prompts at N100. It's just random prompts here and there. As such, I'm leaving this pretty open ended. I have a backstory as to how Colby met the woman who became the surrogate mother of his son and I hope to get around to it soon, but mostly I just like Colby already having his son and Colby and David in a comfortable domestic relationship.

I'll probably poke into their future to give David a daughter, but otherwise I'm just letting the muse decide what installments come when for this series.

Series Information - A Father and Son Tradition

Birth Day - Prequel (Published)
Partner Boyfriend Family Man - Prequel (Published)
Two Fiancés and an AD - Prequel (Published)
The Worst Kept Secret - Prequel (Published)
A Father and Son Tradition - Main (Published)
A Family of His Own - Sequel (Published)
A Daughter for David - Sequel (Published)