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Emma DeMarais
Picture this: Jensen Ackles and Skeet Ulrich.

Yeah, I thought it was damn pretty too.

This series is blatantly based on sailorhathor's own Paul Callan/Dean Winchester, but I did make a point of breaking with her universe if only so I wouldn't have to do any work to make sure my stories conform to her fanon. /hides/ Hers is the real Paul/Dean universe; this is just my workaround to allow me to play in it too. ;-)

If you like the idea of this pairing check out her fic at spectral_eye. She's got a whole bunch and the prequel in this series (Orange-Flavored Kiss) is actually a remix of one of her yummy Paul/Dean fic. (I actually remixed another of her Paul/Dean fic, Pavlovian Dog, yet for some reason it didn't feel like part of the Imaginary Reality Series so I left it out despite the pairing matching.)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this universe, but these two are so appealing as a pairing I might just keep this open ended so I have a place to play with them when I feel like it.

Seriously, Jensen? Skeet? Where's the bad?

Oh, yeah. The fact that it's only *Imaginary* Reality. Hehehe

Series Information - Imaginary Reality

Orange-Flavored Kiss (The Juicy Remix) - Prequel (Published)
Imaginary Reality - Main (Published)
Black and Chrome - Sequel (Published)