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Emma DeMarais
22 February 2011 @ 01:07 am
Brace yourselves... A series from Emma that's *not* Numb3rs!

It actually took me the better part of 2010 to get around to writing all six installments of Vanishing Act. VA - the first fic in the series - is actually my second WC fic ever, behind Just a Bottle, which I wrote for melissima's Anti-Valentines Day Challenge on 2/14 of 2010. ;-) VA ended up published one year and one week after that entree into the fandom even though I racked up 43 WC fic in that same period. (Yay for whitecollar100!) As a matter of fact, five out of six of the VA installments are listed in the first ten WC fic I wrote. While The Curtain Falls was finished off last July at number ten, it took until October and number twenty-three to get A Welcome Encore done. And then there was the task of editing and betaing. /headdesk/ Thus me holding off on publishing it in November/December when a) no one would care and b) I was rushing to get out a fic for each of my fandoms before year's end and c) FINALS! /faints/

I confess I'd grown a bit tired of wrestling with ancient partial fic at ficfinishing so I allowed myself a bit of a respite for each of the months I signed up for newish White Collar stories instead of old Numb3rs ones. Still, the comm did help me get through all the parts of this thing and for that I am grateful. (Big thank yous and cookies to everyone at the comm who cheered me on in this fandom!) It's my first and only big WC fic so it will be interesting to see how much it gets read outside of the short list of people who know me as a WC drabble author.

For anyone who does decide they like longer WC fic from me? Heads up! I signed up for crossbigbang this year with the idea to meld White Collar, Firefly and His Dark Materials. In short: imagine Neal as a companion... with a daemon. Yeah, this should be good. /big grin/

Series Information - Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act - Main (Published)
Tick Tock - Sequel (Published)
Off the Grid - Sequel (Published)
Famous Last Words - Sequel (Published)
The Curtain Falls - Sequel (Published)
A Welcome Encore - Sequel (Published)