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Emma DeMarais
26 May 2011 @ 11:59 pm
A drabble series! It's been a while. When Mel, T and I picked Don/Ian for May's challenge slash pairing I got the idea to do a D/I series out of the five prompts that month. I really didn't have any clue what it would be about and where it would go, but I was strangely okay with that.

Amazingly I haven't known as I've written each fic. I've had almost no game plan to the point where I had to go look up each prompt before I wrote each week's fic. (Yes, I know I helped *pick* the N100 prompts, but seriously, 300+ prompts in I don't exactly have them all memorized in order, you know? LOL)

About all I knew for sure was that this would be Don/Ian and five drabbles long. What I figured out pretty quickly is that they would all start with A. (Hmm... Five As... Wonder where that idea came from. ROFL)

I did hope that this wouldn't turn out too trite in the end. If it is, forgive me. I at least wanted to contribute to the dearth of Don/Ian fic out there. I know I'm a pairings whore, but I do like Don/Ian and Charlie/Ian more than the number of fic I've written for those pairings shows.

Series Information - A Firm Hand

A Firm Hand - Main (Published)
A Sense of Anticipation - Sequel (Published)
A Bracing Cold - Sequel (Published)
A Rough Night - Sequel (Published)