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Emma DeMarais
I suppose it was inevitable: As Numb3rs ended many of us mozied over to White Collar to get our fix of FBI+Pretty. So a crossover, sure. What I didn't see coming was that it would be a drabble series using both N100 and WC100 prompts!

WC100 comm owner ladygray99 has been such a staunch support of N100 for so long that I didn't even blink at supporting her comm, managing one drabble per prompt for their first year even though I was swamped with schoolwork. So to finally be able to mix and match? Fun!

But then, when you've got Billy Cooper and Neal Caffrey how can there be any bad?

So while I didn't really know where this was going when I started and I really don't know how it will end? It's still turning out to be an enjoyable ride.

Series Information - Red, White and Two

Red, White and Two - Main (Published)
Taking the Heat - Sequel (Published)
Rounding Up the Pursuit Curves - Sequel (Published)
Cut and Run - Sequel (Published)
The Cooper-Caffrey Anomaly - Sequel (Published)
Pawns Aside - Sequel (Published)
Finished Business - Sequel (Published)
Hot on the Trail - Sequel (Published)
A Not Quite Home Cooked Meal - Sequel (Published)