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Emma DeMarais
23 September 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Don/OFC... Yeah, that's a tough sell.

Add to that the fact that these two fic have been loitering around my unpublished fic list since 2006 and you've got the reason why I dumped these to my LJ unceremoniously.

Still... I rather like Marisol and I really do like Don as he is with her. I could buy him having a sort of arrangement like this with a woman - acting like boyfriend/lover even if their hearts are elsewhere.

I think part of the reason I didn't release these sooner (other than the fact that I didn't get first drafts until March of this year) was that the feel of both fic were so different. The raw emotion of Marisol's loss versus the playful romance of the siesta were at odds with each other. Even after I separated them into two fic, I still had a hard time with them coexisting in the same universe. When nothing else appeared to buffer the two I decided they needed to be published as is - let readers decide (or not) if they work.

Series Information - Siesta

Sunset - Prequel (Published)
Siesta - Main (Published)