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Emma DeMarais
Welcome to the unexpected series - literally!

I had no idea I was going to go all A Boy and His Dog on Billy when I wrote the first fic for N100's September prompts, but lo and behold the poor man ended up with a complete menagerie of pets out of nowhere!

I think it was just my way of reveling in the idea that I think Billy's really a big softie underneath his alpha male devil-may-care exterior.

That and I'm a dog person currently learning how to live with a cat. ;-)

I have no plans to write any more in this series, but given that I didn't plan to write the series in the first place who knows if Cody, Smokey or Tweety will pop up again in the future... with a friend! LOL

P.S. Bonus points to anyone who realized that (and why) I made the animals black, white and gray. Hehehe

Series Information - An Unexpected Partnership

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