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25 August 2009 @ 11:10 pm
Numb3rs Fic: Virtue - Parts 25 and 26  

Title: Virtue - Parts 25 and 26
Series/Universe: Vice / Virtue
Pairing/Characters: See Series Post
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4
Summary: The heat gets turned up the last day of the retreat (AU)
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Sunday, 7/29/07 - Day

"Close your eyes..."

"You do know we only have a couple of hours to play before lunch and then the flight home, right?" Charlie propped himself up on the bed, calling out to the bathroom where Susan had disappeared moments earlier to, as she called it, 'prepare her little surprise' for him. Still naked from the night before, the sheets were twisted down by his ankles and half kicked off the bed from their earlier passionate encounter.

"Plenty of time," Susan cooed. "Now close your eyes."

"You said I get veto power, right?"

"Are they closed?" she asked, scolding.

He plopped back down on the bed on his back and closed his eyes. "They are now."

He could barely make out her barefoot steps on the tile, going quiet as she hit the carpet of the bedroom.


Charlie opened his eyes to see her throw off her silk robe with a flourish to reveal...

"Holy fuck..." Charlie swore, breath almost knocked out of him at the sight of Susan wearing a black leather strap-on harness.

"Do you like it?" she asked, mocking being coy as she stroked her fake penis suggestively. "I picked a purple one because I liked the color, but I made sure to get one I thought you would enjoy as well."

Charlie's mouth opened a few times, but his suddenly erect cock answered for him.

"I take it you're not exercising your veto power," Susan purred as she stalked over to the bed. Charlie gaped a few more times before shaking his head no. "Good." She straddled his hips and pulled a small container of lube from her hip where it had been tucked into the harness. She poured the lube into her hand then slicked the toy as Charlie followed the motion of her hand as she essentially jacked herself off. "I take it you've never done this before?" She raised an eyebrow at his shock.

"No, I mean, no. Not with a woman, I mean. Not with," he swallowed hard, "one of those things and a woman. I don't let... No..." He forced his mouth shut to keep himself from stammering further.

"I've always wanted to try it," Susan mused. She poured more lube in her hand and this time slicked Charlie's cock. He jumped a little at the almost brusque carelessness of her efficient application, but quickly gave himself over to the rush of pleasure chemicals drowning out his apprehension.

She tucked the lube back into her harness and leaned down over him, letting his slick cock brush against her belly as her fake one slid against his thigh.

She nuzzled his neck and whispered. "Last chance for veto..."

His body swirled with sensation and anticipation. He'd given this up willingly, but the idea of having it back, having it all?

"Where do you want me?" he managed breathlessly.

Her teeth grazed his ear lobe, her exhalation hot on his tender skin.

"On your knees."

She rose up off him and moved back so he could get on his hands and knees, breath already coming in quick pants as she positioned herself behind him.

He heard the cap on the lube flick open again and felt the slight coolness as she poured some down the crack of his ass, spreading it with the head of the toy as it played at his entrance.

He let out a breath, willed his body to relax as he'd done so many times before.

"I'm ready," he told her.

"Patience," she taunted, rubbing him maddeningly slow.

When she sank in it was like switches going off in his body, tripping his pleasure circuits one by one until she hit the sweet spot and then all the lights went on at once.

"Oh, god!"

"That's right," Susan said with a chuckle. "Your ass is mine."

She pulled out and slammed back in.

He saw stars.


Kim put her hand on the headboard to brace herself as Don thrust hard behind her. She rocked back on her knees to meet him, her motion losing rhythm as she started to falter, Don's hand stroking her becoming too distracting.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Don's cursing was a mantra of pleasure and she knew he had to be close.

She let her head fall down and made herself stop trying, stop thinking, surrender her body to Don's aggressive plundering.

Sweet and tender lovemaking had been for the dark hours of last night. This morning they were hungry for more than breakfast.

She felt his thumb at her ass, slick and slipping inside and she lost it, shaking and shuddering under the onslaught, only distantly acknowledging the loud groan falling from Don's lips as he followed her over, pulsing hot inside her as she tensed tight around him.

She snapped back to awareness as exhaustion caught up with her all at once.

They collapsed to the bed, a sticky sweaty tangle of limbs.

"Holy shit," she muttered.

"Right back at you," Don said between pants.

They lay in comfortable silence as they waited for their breath to return to them, their fingers finding each other and entangling affectionately as their skin cooled.

"When my legs work again?" Kim finally said. "I'm thinking a shower and then a dip in the jacuzzi."

"I like the way you think," Don murmured. "Of course now you've given me ideas for the jacuzzi that might just make us need another shower."

Kim chuckled.

"If this is what vacation does to you? Remind me to take you more often."

"Nah, this is what retirement does to me," Don said. "Less responsibility, less stress, more time to indulge in my passions - namely you." He rolled closer and gave her a quick kiss. "Shower?"

"In a minute," she said, pulling him back for a more languid kiss. "It's not like they won't hold the plane for you."

Don huffed out a chuckle. "Yeah, that is one of the advantages of a private jet." He ran a hand over her stomach and Kim laid her hand over his.

She could tell him. She could open her mouth and let the words come out. It was his baby too. He deserved to know.

This wasn't a secret she could keep forever. It may have been too early for her to show, but it wasn't going to be long before the subtle clues added up. She'd begged off wine at meals claiming them as a headache trigger. She'd hidden her thankfully minor bouts of morning sickness with long showers.

But moments like this? Where they were still carefree? Able to just enjoy being back together? Some part of her rationalized that they deserved a bit more of that before the onus of parenthood was thrust upon them.

Whatever excuses she formed in her mind were temporary. She would tell him. Just not on the trip. Not until the anniversary was wiped from both their minds and their eyes were firmly planted on the future.


San Luis Obispo was a further drive than Santa Barbara and far less trendy, but the odds of Amita or Marshall being recognized dropped drastically, making it a good relatively clandestine meeting place.

They'd arranged it via email and IM. Marshall had lied and told Tuttle that he was making a project of recruiting her and Amita had laid a trail that implied she was going back to the Santa Barbara area for the last part of her vacation time.

They drove separately. Marshall told her he had gotten permission to drive alone as long as he had a follow car that kept at a respectable distance. She got to the hotel first and checked into the suite he'd reserved overlooking the ocean.

She'd managed to sneak some equipment from Colby's surveillance gear room and used it to sweep the suite for bugs then her own luggage and purse to be sure.

Once she was sure everything was clean, she was left with just nervous pacing. She'd been on edge, afraid Tuttle would change his mind, not believe Marshall's lie. They'd spent so much time together online, had become so close so quickly yet spent so little time together in person, that she still had doubts as to whether his feelings were real even though him getting beaten up and threatened just because he was seen with her was a powerful reason to believe. She needed to see him, to be with him, to know for sure.

The card key in the door made her jump and she found herself moving towards her purse, gun still inside.

Marshall walked through the bedroom door and motioned to her not to speak then pointed to his own bag. He saw the sweeper on the bed and used it on his person then on his bag, sharing a look with her when it went off.

He opened a drawer and dumped the contents of the bag inside then carried the bag over to the bed.

He swept the bag and found the bug still there. He swept the drawer and when no sound went off, he turned off the sweeper and gestured to the bag and the door.

She nodded in understanding and let him leave to put the bag in the car, putting the sweeper away in her bag and moving it and her purse to the top of the dresser to get them out of the way.

She sat on the edge of the bed, hands folded in her lap, even more nervous than before.

The door opened again and in seconds, Marshall had rushed into the bedroom.

"Are you okay?" he asked, reaching for her as she stood.

"Yes! I was worried about you!" Embracing him was as natural as if she'd done it a thousand times before and his arms held her tight, with an almost desperate edge.

"I thought I'd never get to see you again when they brought me into Tuttle's office to turn me in," Marshall murmured. "I'm sorry I lied, I'm sorry I dragged you into all this. I wish I'd never sought you out."

"Don't say that!" She pulled back to look at him. "I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the one who got you hurt." She laid her head against his chest and let his arms soothe her. "This is just all so messed up."

"I'm sorry, Priya," he told her. "I'm so sorry." He leaned down and kissed her hair. "But at least we'll have this brief time together - a respite where we can forget for a while our warring fiefdoms and just be you and I." She looked up at him, and he brushed her hair back from her face gently. "My Juliet..."

He leaned down, tentative, but she rose up on her toes to meet him, their first kiss almost chaste - sweet and light.

"I've been waiting to do that." He gazed down at her. "You're so beautiful. I could never get tired of telling you that."

"Then keep telling me," she teased, pulling him down for another kiss. This time she took charge and encouraged him to deepen the kiss until they were kissing avidly, their reserve melting away with the rush of new familiarity.

"Beautiful... Beautiful..." Marshall murmured when they broke for air. He finally paused enough to take his glasses off, putting them aside on the dresser before returning to her.

"You're even more handsome without them," Amita marveled, reaching up to thread her fingers through his hair.

"I'm nothing," Marshall scoffed. "You're the Da Vinci worthy sculpture in this room, not me."

"Nonsense." Amita slipped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him. "I wouldn't be interested otherwise. Yes," she said, "I am interested in you because of your amazing mind..." She whispered into his ear. "But don't think that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the rest of you."

"Amita..." Marshall unhooked her arms from his neck and made her take a step back. "I don't want you to think..." He shook his head, as if helpless for words. "That's not why I wanted to see you. Yes, I'd have to be insane to not want you, but I'd never ask that of you. I love your mind, I want to spend time with you and this seemed like a way to make it happen, but I'm fine with sleeping on the couch in the other room. I would never do anything to pressure you, to make you feel like that was all I wanted from you."

"Done with the chivalrous speech?" she teased.

"I'm serious."

"I adore that about you," she said, moving back towards him. "But it's not necessary. You don't have to treat me with kid gloves. I'm a grown woman. I can make my own decisions." She slid her hands under his jacket and ran them over his chest. "And I want to make the most of what little time we have together."

"Priya..." He pulled her back close to him, kissing her passionately as she pushed his jacket off and started unbuttoning his shirt. "I'm afraid you're going to regret this later."

Amita pulled him down to the bed with her, reveling in the feel of his weight on her as he covered her body with his own.

"You worry too much," she scolded. "Time to turn off the big brain for a while..."


"Should we plan to bring a car?" Rene asked over lunch. "It seems silly to import a slew of cars on an island."

"I'll have plenty of cars to share," Don said. "So no, you don't have to if you don't want to, but you're certainly welcome to. We can always build extra garages on the compound grounds if we need more."

"How big is the compound?" Kim asked.

"Big," Don said. "Trust me, it's plenty big enough for all of us and then some."

"I could answer in acreage or number of yards of private beach, but I think big actually covers it fairly well," Charlie joshed.

"What about school?" Kim asked. "I mean you guys have kids."

"Most everyone there has private tutors or shares them with other families," William explained. "There are group activities for families with kids so there are opportunities to socialize, but we really liked the idea of individual attention for the kids in a learning environment. It's like homeschooling..."

"But without us having to do all the work!" Rene injected. "This way we can be as involved as we want and still teach our kids subjects we don't know ourselves, like foreign languages."

"It all sounds good, but what does it not have?" Kim asked.

"Malls?" Rene said with a laugh. "Traffic? I guess some culture since they're not a major city, but they have a nice museum with all rotating collections so it's never the same whenever you go. There's a chamber orchestra, but not a full on symphony. A small playhouse, but no Broadway shows. So think of it like Santa Barbara, but without the big chain shops and you're not too far off."

"Remember that thousands of people on the island are staff at the mansions so they need enough of a life there too to want to stay," Don reminded her. "So first run movies, a skate park for the kids, a few clubs to go dancing in... There's really a lot to do, even though a lot of people spend almost all their time on their own estates."

"It's hard to want to leave when the view's great, the food's great and the entertainment comes to you," Karen piped up.

"Still, I like the idea of there being somewhere to go," Kenneth added. "I think I'd like to hang in town. You know, take my laptop in to the local coffee shop and kick back for a while."

"Do they have a hospital or just a clinic?"

"It's a hospital," Kenneth said. "A smaller one sure, but since the island's clientele is very well off? It's nicely stocked. I was impressed."

"And he's not easily impressed," Karen added. "Trust me, I wouldn't go down there unless I had full faith in the facility to deliver my baby."

"That's heartening," Kim said, nervously tucking her hair behind her ear.

"You all decided when you're going?" Don asked.

"Once the kids are out of summer camp," William replied.

"Once I make the rounds of family and friends and well, rescue my son from my mother," Karen joshed. "Or the other way around."

"You're really willing to leave them all behind?" Kim asked, surprised.

"It's not like we can't come back and visit," Karen said with a shrug. "We used to live over a thousand miles away and we only visited a couple of times a year then. This just means a longer plane ride, that's all."

"So are you and Charlie the only ones looking to leave for good?" Kim asked, confused.

"Let's just say Charlie and I are the only ones who have something to potentially lose if we come back to, say, an unfriendly welcome?"

Kim nodded. "So it's not that you can't, it's just that it's risky."

"Exactly," Charlie answered for him. "I ran a threat analysis and will continue to do so, but basically we'd need a really compelling reason to come back in order to take an unnecessary risk."

"Would, say, Robin and Tim getting married be considered an unnecessary risk?" Kim asked Don.

Don laughed. "Let's just worry about getting us married first! Let your brother get there in his own time..."


Sunday, 7/29/07 - Night

"There you are..."

Charlie found Susan in the garden, staring out over the view one last time.

"It just hit me a few minutes ago," she said, somber. "I'm never coming back here. All of this: the chalet, the clinic, William and Rene, Karen and Kenneth... Gone."

Charlie took her hand and held it, warming it with his own.

"It doesn't have to be," he ventured. "You could come with us... Come be with me."

"Oh, Charlie! I just don't know!" she exclaimed. "I work at a world class university. My research is important to me, important to the world! I can't just walk away from that to lounge on a beach somewhere!"

"I'm not asking you to!" Charlie pulled her into his arms. "Do you really think I'm cut out for sitting by the pool and drinking mai tais? I plan to devote myself to my legacy in the math world, only now I'll be able to work on it full time rather than run the business. And you can too! People collaborate on research at disparate universities all over the world. There's no reason why you can't collaborate from the island with them."

"I'm not like you, Charlie. I need more than chalkboards to study the brain. I need a lab, equipment, computers..."

"I'd buy you all of that. Whatever you wanted," Charlie told her. "I'd pay for you to fly anywhere in the world to teach seminars, to attend conferences. You're not tied to the island like I am. But I want you to realize..." He moved in closer, tightening his arms around her. "You're not tied to the university either."

"I... I don't know," she admitted.

"Your destiny is too great to stifle and I'd never ask you to give up anything your heart desired for me. I just want you to realize I'd do anything to make things happen for you. If..." He leaned in close until they were sharing a single breath. "If you were willing to be with me." He kissed her slowly, putting all his emotion into the moment. "I love you," he finally said. "I need you. I want you by my side. Please... Just think about it."

He pulled away reluctantly, looking back to where the driver was loading luggage into the limousine.

"This is goodbye, isn't it?" she said.

"It doesn't have to be," Charlie offered. "You could come to LA to see me before I go. The new club opens on the tenth. A rare opportunity to see Charles Eppes in his natural habitat," he joshed.

"Maybe," she said, looking conflicted.

He pressed a kiss to her palm then let her hand go.

"I have to go..."


"Think about it..." he said, then turned and walked up the path to the house.


"You take care now, you hear?" Karen gave Don a tight hug then stood back as he and Kenneth shared a brief embrace as well. "We'll see you in a few weeks."

"Same here," William said, the big man pulling Don into an affectionate bear hug, clapping him on the back.

"Looking forward to it," Rene said, giving Don a kiss on the cheek and an affectionate hug as well.

"I just wanted to say thank you one last time," Don told them all. "I know it's been a long journey, all of us, but you've made a huge difference in my life and in Charlie's as well. I never thought we'd all get to be this close when we met, but now I'm really looking forward to being able to spend time with you guys off duty in retirement."

"Thank you," Karen countered. "It's not every day someone offers you a home on an island estate! It's like a little fantasy!"

"Fantasy Island!" Rene joked. "I may have to start calling it that!" She turned to Don. "And yes, thanks from us as well. It means a lot that you trusted us enough to invite us to live there."

"Got to have friends, you know, and of course doctors," he said with a wink. "You ready to go, Chuck?" he asked as Charlie joined them.

"Yeah." He accepted a round of hugs from everyone. "I'll see you all in a few weeks then."

Kim came out of the house following the driver with the last of the bags.

"Okay, I did one last check and we're all set." She took her own turn embracing her new friends in farewell. "Shall we go?"


Waving goodbye, Karen and Kenneth along with William and Rene headed up to the house to finish packing for their own trip home as Don, Charlie and Kim headed the rest of the way down the walkway to the waiting limousine.

Don looked back at the chalet, a wistful expression on his face. "I hate to leave, you know? I'm going to miss this place. Hell, I'm going to miss skiing!"

"Oh man," Charlie said. "I hadn't thought of that! I guess I won't be packing my snowboards when we leave."

"I think I'll survive without my ice skates," Kim said drolly. "On the other hand, I definitely need more bathing suits and sandals."

"And a lot of sunscreen!" Don added. "I definitely don't want you getting fried to a crisp your first week because you didn't stay in the shade." The driver opened the door, but Don made no move to get in. "I suppose it's stupid to think I could keep this place, come back and visit and stuff like normal people."

"You could," Charlie said. "But at what cost?"

"We've avoided prosecution so far," Don said.

"You just got thrown in jail and we came within an inch of having warrants served on all our properties, which would have been the end of us, of everything," Charlie reminded him. "Past performance is not always a valid indicator of future events. That said," he capitulated. "The risk for returning from time to time is not horrible, just completely avoidable."

Don nodded, still distracted.

"It's not the house you'll miss," Kim told him, taking hold of his hand and giving it a squeeze. "It's the feelings you associate with it. And if you can have them wherever you go? You don't need the house."

"When did you turn into a shrink?" Don asked, chuckling.

"Must have rubbed off on me with all the doctors in the house," Kim joked. "Come on," she said, tugging on his hand. "Don't dwell. It's not good for you."

"Yeah," Don said, finally turning his attention to her and Charlie. "I've got what I need right here. The chalet? It lives in my memory now."


About a half hour into the flight Don excused himself and went into the jet's small meeting room.

"He does this every flight home," Charlie explained. "You probably won't see him again until it's time to land."

"Does what?"

"I'm not sure what he does in there, since he never lets anyone in," Charlie said. "But it's like his transition time - him going back to work Don from vacation Don. I mentioned it to Megan once and she came up with a good metaphor for it: Don's putting his armor back on before he returns to the battle zone."

"Only mental armor." Kim nodded thoughtfully. "I guess I can see that being important - an act of self-preservation. He thinks he has to be hard, look invulnerable in front of the troops."

"The troops would understand," Charlie pointed out. "It's his enemies he needs to look strong for."

"I thought maybe since you guys had retired he wouldn't need that anymore."

"Our enemies won't stop hating us when we're retired," Charlie said. "And we've been careful not to let the word get out."

"Why? I would think you'd want everyone to know you're retired. That way Ian might find out and stop targeting you."

Charlie looked at her patiently. "It's not about our benefit. It's about Megan. Transition to a new leadership is a vulnerable time for any company and by keeping quiet we're giving her some time to get her feet under her and her staff settled before the first volleys hit."

"You seem sure she's going to come under fire." Kim sounded doubtful.

"You can count on it. I'd bet everything I own that Tuttle will go after Megan in the first year she's in charge. It's when she's weakest so even if he's not prepared for a battle, he'll still take advantage of it." He leaned forwards. "We all read the same strategy books and Sun Tzu, Machiavelli - all of them would agree that striking when your opponent is at his weakest is a strategy for success."

"I knew there were parallels between crimelords and warlords from working at the Bureau," Kim said, "but you all seem to take it so literally."

"As in war, there are casualties," Charlie said plainly. "They say business is war, but their idea of casualties is layoffs or companies going out of business. In crime there are real guns, real destruction and yes, real deaths."

Kim's shiver was so strong Charlie could see it.

"I don't like the idea of leaving my brother behind in a war zone."

"If it's any consolation, and I know it's not," Charlie said. "In our war? It's not the foot soldiers who tend to get hurt. It's the leaders who are the targets."

Kim's arms crossed tightly over her chest, almost as if she were trying to hug herself.

"Yeah, that's not a consolation."


The jet taxied in from the runway after landing, but bypassed their normal loading area, heading straight for the hangar.

"What's the deal?" Don mused aloud before picking up the jet's intercom phone and contacting the pilot. "Hey, why are we not disembarking on the tarmac?" Kim and Charlie watched as he listened. "Okay."

"What is it?" Charlie asked as he hung up.

"Per Megan's orders we're not to get out of the plane until the hangar doors are closed."

"Oh, that doesn't sound good."

Don reached over and took Kim's hand.

"It will be fine. She's taking precautions and that's never a bad idea."

They had to wait quite a while for the plane to be guided into the hangar, shut its engines down and for the staff to close the doors behind it.

Eventually the plane's door was opened and Megan called in to them.

"You're clear, you can come out."

Don descended first and saw that there were two limousines waiting and four follow cars, only the second limousine wasn't Charlie's, it was a black town car - the kind they used when Security clients wanted a bulletproof car, but not a standard limousine.

"Rodolpho will take Kim in the town car," Megan said briskly. "Don and Charlie, you need to come with me."

"Don?" Kim looked to him, nervous.

"Don't worry, we're all going to the mansion," Megan interjected. "I just need to have a private talk with them en route."

"It's okay," Don told Kim as she was led to the town car. "Just go with them. They'll get you home safe." He watched her get in then Megan all but pushed him and Charlie into the limousine.

"Let's go!" Megan said to the driver as soon as the door was shut.

A follow car went out first then a second then the limousine and the town car went out and split directions, each taking two follow cars with it.

"So what's going on?" Don asked. "Edgerton off the grid again?"

"Yes," Megan said, her expression grim. "He apparently got help from Tuttle's camp and forced Darby's motorcycle off the road up in the mountains."

"Is she all right?" Charlie asked quickly.

"Yeah, is she?" Don echoed.

"She got pretty badly banged up, but she's got top of the line gear and a helmet that saved her life. She wound up with a pretty bad concussion though so she was in the hospital a while and I've got her off duty until the doctor clears her as fully fit again."

"Wow," Don said. "She's earned that Steve McQueen bike then."

"Already gave it to her," Megan said. "But it means we lost our tracker on Ian. He ditched the truck he ran her off the road with so we've got nothing on him. The one bit of good news I can give you though is there's been a tiny rumor on the street about him. Seems he got the crap beaten out of him - bad. Word is he's staying with some distant family in the Inland Empire area. We're checking into it, but if it's true then he's out of our hair for a while at least. I'm just not taking any chances."

"Agreed," Don said. "I was just hoping to come home to something resembling normal. Now I have to cancel what I wanted to do for Kim's birthday and just have dinner at home. I really wanted her to be able to get out of the house," he said regretfully.

"Why not have her over to the apartment building? We can do a pool party and barbecue on the roof. She'll get out and she'll be safe."

"Okay," Don said. "Thanks."

"No problem."

"Speaking of problems," Charlie said. "What are we going to do about Edgerton? The grand opening of E is coming up and you know he's not going to miss that opportunity. It's the one place he's assured of catching us out in public."

"We kept you guys safe for Don's party at Code, we can keep you safe at E."

"Edgerton has to know he's running out of chances," Don mused, turning his gaze out the window to the city flashing by. "If he's going to be stepping up his game, we need to as well."

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 26th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
Please see the Virtue Series Post for information on this Series and for the Parts 25/26 Confession.

Information on the Viceworld universe can be found in the Vice Series Post.


Emma DeMarais
ladygray99ladygray99 on August 27th, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
I rather like Susan in this. I really hope she decides to stay with Charlie. Marshall actually makes me queasy. The way you write him I can practically feel the slime drip off the screen.
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on August 27th, 2009 05:05 am (UTC)
Oh, yes. I dare anyone who's not that into Susan to read this and say she's not appealing. Hehehe

It's really quite a challenge to write Marshall like this. He has to be written so that both POV's work: that he's a slimeball using her and that he's honestly a man in love. OHAI tightwire, let me walk you! LOL

(Great icon BTW!)

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read this.
ladygray99ladygray99 on August 27th, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)
Well, when I post my big AU in a few months I'll be hoping you'll take a look at it.
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on August 27th, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
I shall - it will take me a while, but I get to all the fic I plan to read eventually. Eventually just takes a while. LOL (I used to be such a fast reader until my eyes went bad. /sigh/)
t_vo0810: eppes brost_vo0810 on September 9th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
I kind of love the fact that Charlie is always reaching out to Kim to help her understand Don and what he needs. It feels just right that Charlie would do that behind the scenes as his way of taking care of Don without Don's knowledge. It would be nice if Kim and Charlie eventually become like siblings or good friends themselves without Don being their only interest in common.

Also, you have probably figured out I am a total slashgirl at heart when it comes to my fanfics. But I just have to say, you did an amazing job bring the sexy back with the het sex. Susan and Charlie are positively incendiary together in your fic- very close to the way i saw them in canon! And Kim was my fav of the Don girls until Liz came along. very hawt scene even without the slash. u deserve an award ;p
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on September 9th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
HEE! I knew it would take the most vehement of non-het slashers to resist the hotness of Vice!Charlie/Susan in this part. I always consider it a coup when slashers say to me 'you got me to read het! And like it!' with a sense of wonder. \o/ I figure most slashers are het (or at least bi) women, so they should like some aspect of het sex already, it's just often handled so badly in fic: schmaltzy schmoop, Mary Sues, too delicate to be porn vague R fic that uses bad euphemisms... So plenty of room to do het right and het hot. /nods/

I wrote an awful lot of Don/Liz in her day, but I always liked Kim. She's gorgeous and strong and one of the few to, IMHO, stand like an equal beside Don rather than like a subordinate girlfriend. It's going to take ages before I can write her into a prequel, but one hopes I'll get to the end and write the fic before Vice and show them as a couple from the start.

There might not be a fandom left to read those novels - seeing as how not many people read them now and the show's still on the air - but I feel like I'll probably write the last of them even just for myself.

That and Mel will kick my ass if I stop. /snickers/
t_vo0810: don's happiness is a warm gunt_vo0810 on September 9th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
Ok- this will likely be my last comment until tomorrow :( But i promise to continue on in the morning.
it's just often handled so badly in fic: schmaltzy schmoop, Mary Sues, too delicate to be porn vague R fic that uses bad euphemisms... So plenty of room to do het right and het hot. /nods/ That's it exactly!! Of course, there are many fics out there that do a poor job with slash sex but I have found that it's a more common occurance to find disappointing sex scenes in the middle of a het fic and a rarity to find het sex done well in a hot porny goodness sort of way. /dodges any tomatos thrown my way by het fic authors/ So yes- ya gots me. i totally believe in hot, porny het sex now in fanfic thanks to you. /winks/

I also agree totally about Kim- she did strike me as someone who could handle Don as an equal without being overbearing or snarky. I enjoyed Liz/Don just for the straight up hotness but they weren't really right as a permanent couple. i like her much better now that she is just another team member. Her snarky aside rule! But I would love to see how you get Don and Kim together in Vice World.

There might not be a fandom left to read those novels - seeing as how not many people read them now and the show's still on the air - but I feel like I'll probably write the last of them even just for myself.

That and Mel will kick my ass if I stop. /snickers/ Count me in for that ass kicking too! I know this is likely the last season of N3rs and as a show, it has its stale eppesodes more and more. But I love the N3rs verse, both the canon one and the others created by fans. There really is something original and fresh and inspiring about it and I don't want to give it up. I know other fav N3rs fanfic authors have moved on but I haven't and don't wanna. So as long as you will write, i will read whether the show is on or not.