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Numb3rs Series/Universe: Safe Harbor

It's no secret that I love a good slow building PG13 slash romance fic. (After all, A Shift in the Continuum was the second Numb3rs fic I started on my list.) Of my own, Safe Harbor is one of my very favorite. So how could I resist writing in that universe a second time - from the opposite POV?

A long time ago I wrote a Don/Charlie fic called Conflict and Resolutions. The lovely red_tanger /misses/ poked me at the end of her beta of that Don POV fic with two deadly words: "Charlie's POV?" /headdesk/ Thus a second fic of the same length, this time told from Charlie's POV, called Ash and Pines was born.

Thus, precedent.

I knew before I published Safe Harbor that there had to be a companion fic. There was just too much about Billy's life that I couldn't tell in a Charlie POV story. I couldn't cover any of the original event that left him off work and home to host Charlie in the first place, I couldn't cover any of his private conversations with the wonderful Magda and I couldn't talk about his parents at all.

Thus, Harbor House.

With all that to cover HH ended up at 24K compared to SH's 16K. The more the merrier! But once it was done, despite the happy ending, I couldn't seem to let it go and gratefully readers told me they didn't want to see it end either. (Thank you all!)

Thus, sequels.

I plan on leaving this universe open ended. I'm not certain what will come and how many fic will follow, but it's such a lovely universe, I like the idea of tapping into it from time to time as a happy way to revisit that lovely bliss created when Charlie and Billy finally came together.

Series Information - Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Part 1/Part 2 - Main (Published)
Harbor House Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 - Companion (Published)
A Day in the Life - Sequel (Published)
The Eighth Night - Sequel (Published)
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