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19 February 2010 @ 06:14 pm
Supernatural Fic: The Gospel According to Dean  
Posted to supernaturalfic

Title: The Gospel According to Dean
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam, Chuck
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: 1x01-5x09
Summary: A reading from the Book of Samuel 1:8
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Part the First
In which Sam is horribly murdered in his sleep

Book of Samuel 1:8

And he cried out to the demon saying why me, why are you doing this
The demon gave no reply
It lifted its hand and did plunge it into Samuel’s breast, ripping out his still beating heart


Sam woke with a start, gasping, tangled in sweat soaked motel sheets.

Dean stood in the bathroom doorway, a cloud of steam around him, toweling off his wet hair as he stared at his brother.

“Dude, what was that all about?”

Sam appeared shaken, but tried to dismiss it. “Nothing.” At Dean’s ‘I’m your brother, don’t feed me that nothing shit’ expression he shook his head. “Just a nightmare. That’s all.”

“Not one of your crazy ass visions then?” Dean asked. “Cause things have been slow around here. We could sure use some action,” he tossed out sarcastically.

Sam scrubbed his face with his hands as Dean changed into a pair of jeans.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but it was just my own grisly death.”

Dean froze, his t-shirt on only halfway.

“You sure it wasn’t a vision?” he asked, trying to keep his voice even as he finished dressing. He was turned away from Sam and used the pretext of putting on his shoes and socks to avoid facing his brother.

“Yeah, the lack of a skull splitting headache was a good clue. That and visions tend to happen when I’m awake.”

“Point taken,” Dean said with a shrug that attempted at casual. He relaxed slightly and let out a breath. “Diner’s got an all you can eat pancake breakfast until 9AM, so get your sorry ass in the shower or we’ll miss it.”

Dean tossed his wet towel at Sam’s head and frowned when he didn’t deflect it in time.
“You better have left me some hot water,” Sam grumbled as he stumbled out of bed.

“Now why would I do a thing like that?” Dean teased. He easily dodged the rolled up towel thrown at him, but as soon as the bathroom door closed behind Sam his playful grin vanished.

He pulled some folded papers from his wallet, a few sheets torn from a pad in one of the better motels they’d stayed at, wrote down the date and added a line on the bottom of the third page.

“Another death omen – nightmare of own death.”

He put the papers away and sat on the bed in silence for a moment.

Their father’s journal taught him to look for signs.

This was a sign and not the first.

The journal just didn’t tell him what to do about them.


"So what do you think?"

Dean stood over where Chuck was examining the partial manuscript Dean had printed out at the local Qwik-E-Print shop to show him.

"Honestly?" Chuck looked up at him. "Not a chance."

"Seriously?" Dean scowled. "It can't be that bad! I even made parts of it all biblical-like with all the thou shalt crap!"

"Dude…" Chuck fixed him in his gaze, an apologetic smirk on his face. "Becky's fan fic is better than this." He patted Dean consolingly on the shoulder as he rose. "Stick to your day job hunting monsters and leave the writing to the professionals."

tkdbbelt on February 21st, 2010 01:09 pm (UTC)
Not your best? I'll probably have to agree with that... But even your so so fics are very entertaining. ;-)